Maintain a little “shore O2O depth, entrepreneurship must meet three criteria

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the New Year, to point out the dry

a taxi why software crazy money, why group-buying m&a financing, moreover also steroids pledging conference, and sales of the military order of the class. O2O flame really beautiful jump ever glamorous colourful, but burn is the norm. The surviving but several thousand regiment war, most survivors have become the ashes on the road to success. Only five over ten thousand of the Internet’s success, I have no idea how to die, don’t say I was prepared.

on December 27, 2014, hunting cloud network business formally entered the hangzhou public class, the first phase of invitation, this is an outstanding student + Grosvenor LTD handsome. Graduated from Beijing university, successive tencent first generation product managers, sogou input method, project leader, is also the angel investors. Maintain a little early June this year. Co-founder of seven. In late June won $4 million in financing, and every six months, maintain a little was announced, and led by GGV capital, and other institutions.

the time hunting cloud entrepreneurial public class activities to be held in hangzhou fu cloud coffee, entrepreneurs from all over the country, guangzhou, Hong Kong, shenzhen, etc.) to hear who were dry. Fee bank share is too dry, cause all ihave to record. Don’t bullshit, dry goods directly.

handheld devices accelerate the emergence of the mobile application scenario

PC before, many mobile end application scenario. The mobile Internet has given rise to the emergence of these scenarios, LBS, anytime, anywhere, with you. Entrepreneurs most only do information before, the popularization of mobile payment speeds up the mobile Internet to closed loop. Payment have income, disguised is the wealth effect. Entrepreneurs to flood in, are many industry. Outside the BAT attention, many entrepreneurs find can do big chance, O2O is the most popular field.

but not all milk is called O2O, it must have three criteria.

just demand, pain points, high frequency.

O2O water depth. Not chosen industry just need your oxygen mask is not. To swim, you breath internal work again, also cannot swim the shore. Low frequency time demand suggested not to touch, unless you think can make a big size. In life, the more have to be the more day-to-day existence of the rigid demand. Take a taxi, for example, see the doctor.

(this thing very good judgment, but he is one of the most important. First, see if you need it? Without your users before using alternative solution is efficient, if convenient. Have you later, if users don’t have to you will fall behind, and other users or fall behind in efficiency. The company which you are doing this spot solutions how they state. If all consider a circle, finally found no company doing entrepreneurs cautious. Whether it is a pseudo requirements, or the tuyere hasn’t come yet.

high frequency, it is relatively low. Users a month or two to three months to use one or two relatively belongs to the low frequency, a relatively long time, these users are likely to be your only one-time users.

but the world will never satisfy all three sectors, is there is also a BAT in the battle. So the ideal plump, reality bony. Discussed here is O2O business areas, most entrepreneurs choose industry is more; Spread demand, pain points of pain, and relatively low frequency. So this time, should be how to do? Solution is to use C2B fee to shore. Take a taxi, online health care, a nanny, look for generations. Are the users demand, platform to response.

but C2B isn’t everything

C2B model is suitable for the B side for just needed areas, if there is a scarcity have to seriously consider. And the user is to have rely on to the platform, the industry has built up a set of rules. For example, just need a taxi belongs to, everyone will use. The user with a taxi software goal is to get a taxi, don’t care what is a driver. A taxi and prices are standard. Not suitable for C2B an example such as auction, not just to most people, the user does not depend on the platform, care more about items, the price is not transparent. That is to say, C2B is based on the consumer as the center, transparent, transparent price of industry USES the C2B model fit.

shore to speak at the meeting, he remembered Mr. Wang said a word: business, and which industry is the most fierce, you go to do his upstream. The more specification, fight will be more intense. And successful O2O must take care to the side a and B and C. Food industry is example, there is no payment before more information is true, to begin grafting on business and customers have to pay. So if only one party benefit, it is not fire. In addition to food industry, O2O, mobile payment, door-to-door service everyone in burning money. Spell it in the end, who is badly off who will come down.

and early product is absolutely drive, promotion proposal of law-making to give priority to push.

users will use good products, promotion just means forever. Early is product is king, the follow-up is operating is king. It’s best to do subtraction, single point to breakthrough. Friends around to discuss products, the most word is do subtraction. Early products to service the deepening, stick with details of the service users, to consider expansion.

when it comes to early product promotion. Fee to shore, the more good product manager, the more good psychologist. O2O areas or to push the main product early. Do attention early products online, “”,” only to do the conversion “below the line. Don’t focus on backwards.

engaged in O2O product manager on last several opinions

product manager is the key to early entrepreneurial products, basic decided to 60% of the genes of the products. So early to must want to good what to do, what is the target. On the product to simple, and easy to understand, easy to use.

have the demands for pseudo, rigidity, pain points of insight. Product easy to do, but find demand, it is very difficult for many people to pain points. It is also a kick-ass product managers and the biggest difference between ordinary product manager.

in many Suggestions to find very core requirements, if adopted, all products must be in a mess. The early stage of the product research don’t look too important, for the user requirement analysis, must have their own views.

see psychology, is an important insight into human nature.


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