Mail swim: reverse thinking stresses the B side, business affairs is cut into the cruise tourism industry

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in recent years, along with the international market, tilt, make Chinese cruise tourism development momentum, has become the new ways and new areas for China’s economic growth. According to the Chinese transportation association cruise boat branch (CCYIA) statistics show that in 2013, in three major cruise in Shanghai, tianjin, sanya cruise port of entry and exit of China up to 1.06 million passengers, up 165% from a year earlier, the domestic market strong demand for cruise product led to the travel agency product sell like hot cakes. Online mail swim in May this year, focusing on the cruise business affairs is cut storehouse management system and multi-channel platform API that can be understood as a simple B2C cruise business affairs management platform, from the B end cruise tourism market, provide information support for the cruise industry development.

founder sun jie, eight years of operating experience in product design, online travel in cruise line and free business operations, had in the service of the travel and letter to escape line network. Swim in entrepreneurship research found that despite the power of travel agencies and online travel companies enter the market, in the form of affairs, but compared with hot sales of affairs is a travel agency sales approach is to stay in the original stage, and the industry don’t have a standard cruise business system to integrate product resources. Sun jie and his team will see after the cruise market huge business opportunities and market gap, just choose entrepreneurship mail swim, sun jie convective cloud network, “the future world cruise center in China, the cruise industry needs an information integration platform to accelerate the industry development, and mail swim product positioning is the bridge of cruise industry resources and distribution channels, provide information support for the cruise industry development.”

mail swim the establishment of a cruise business online management system standards, a great integration of cruise products resources and online channels, makes the cut open trade online. Cut, refers to the cruise distributors from the hand of the cruise lines or affairs is to buy some space to sell. In cruise distribution link, a lot of hierarchy distribution, from level 1 (affairs) to level 2 (distributors), distributor, there are a lot of low level of distributors, and between the same level, because the shipping date, the different voyage, to enhance the richness of the product, will purchase between peers, so different between level, with level will have a liner shipping space requirements. But was traded by means of artificial, now through mail swim cruise business system and the product access API integration of product resources, will deal with online efficient manner.

mail swim function design pays attention to improving customer purchase experience, at the same time support the selected tank and real-time online reservation. Mail swim use crowd mainly cruise travel agency affairs and cut the deck affairs by renting or independent deployment way using the system, in addition to their original distribution channel moved to online, can also be mailed through the API and swim in the middle of the inventory data interaction platform, forming a cruise product inventory that opens type partly. This by cruise business systems and product access API integration of product resources, the downstream channel distribution through the API interface support, greatly improved the cruise business efficiency and user experience.

mail swim since its launch in May, the current has six customers use, 10 trial users. According to sun jie, to the next package shipment, can develop 40 affairs, 3 C the booking platform, trading volume can reach more than 1 billion yuan. Mail swim of the business model mainly includes the use of the system of trading commissions and service charges, trade and channel and API trading commissions from three aspects, sun jie convective cloud network said, “the mail swim first phase system mainly towards business management, for large or own cruise system is hard to cut into the C end, the future will travel through product access API will own cruise system of products introduced to the central platform.”

the cruise industry is regarded as “gold industry” floating on the gold waterway, market, becoming the fastest growing in the domestic tourism business niche. At present, two royal Caribbean and song poetry of cruise company took a major cruise market share, they have high levels of background of system information, the form of OTA by affairs is also now rob cruise market, and ctrip also stirs cruise of the potential market. And mail swim flagship specialization and standardization platform, showed a strong momentum of development, in the future and the game industry giant could win a slice of heaven and earth, let’s wait and see.


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