Magisto, automatically help you write the important moment in life

video application Magisto Israel recently launched a Surprise Me, as a part of the update iOS and Android applications, it can be based on people’s smartphones automatic photo and video editing short, can share video clips. In the past few months the company beta Surprise Me for each user to identify the most relevant photos and scenarios, and combine them with music and theme into a little story.

Magisto chief executive and founder of Oren Boiman in an interview, points out, the user for Magisto video actively choose the media file often ignore daily photos and video clips. “In most cases, people use only a tiny portion of their camera photo album.” Magisto always want to go beyond the very limit method. “We are not just for wedding design it” then he added: “if an event is important enough to want to record it, we should help you make it more worth sharing.”

of course, Magisto isn’t the first generated automatically based on user personal media video applications. Google + and its Auto – Awesome videos already for a long time provides a similar function. But Boiman said their company’s products are very different. He think Google tries to summarize an event. Magisto philosophy, on the other hand, awaken people’s feelings, which means that the focus on those can help record the photo of the story, but perhaps not all the best photo in the photo.

Boiman according to information provided, Magisto existing staff of 40 people, has 40 million registered users. Boiman said that the company’s main business to a certain extent, is based on a free value-added mode, it has seen “a very important source of income” subscription fees. Recently, the company also started to work with brand combined with people share the brand information of individual media on the Internet.


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