Magic in yoga cushion, science and technology to help you make the perfect fit

in the future, the sensors throughout every corner of life with us and then the sensing technology can promote and measuring the level of our yoga? Now installed a yoga mat with embedded sensors may can do it, SmartMat smart pad is its prototype. When we wrote this article, the manufacturers have in all the Indiegogo raise network raised nearly $175000 (increased), finished in July next year is expected to come out, at the same time, there will be supporting mobile application download.

precisely SmartMat U.S. manufacturers had a embedded sensors embedded between PVC sandwich of yoga mat. On the surface of it and other common yoga mat is no different, but also bending and thickness was similar. But SmarMat sensors can sense the user on the cushion body position and mass distribution, as to guide the user actions on the form a complete set of application. Hence the name smart yoga mat.

smart pad used for real time heat map can provide user yoga practice, use of visual or auditory prompt the user to correct action at the same time. It will also be tracking user and user performance scores – quantitative to practice. Rate is, in fact, compared with the calculated ideal position of the user of the actual situation. Application will also record every time the user the amount of action practice.

by default, smart pad to correct the posture of the user, so as to guide users to yoga practice. Manufacturers said that software can identify the initial $62 kinds of yoga poses. Application will compare the user of each position and grade according to the standard level of balance and posture, and practice the scores for the user, so that users know how each position held.

smart pad will support three kinds of modes: one is a fully guided mode in the home, the user will select a course and according to the application guide to practice all the way, at the same time in the entire exercise receive real-time feedback; Is a kind of auxiliary mode, will use visual or voice prompt to guide users to practice; Or “zen” mode, it is just track the user’s every action and does not provide real-time feedback.

to stress is that smart pad and most of the projects, raise to commercialization is still a long way to go. Now smart pad is just a concept and slogan. It is also an ambitious idea, so producers can only look at the product developed is quite interesting. Smart pad should be light and portable for user’s daily use, but also strong and durable, it is not enough to cope with user accumulate over a long period of strict training. At the same time, the sensor also sensitive enough to changes in the complex gestures and movements provide accurate analysis and feedback.

this is far better than to make a normal pace tracker to difficult (even so pace tracker is also notorious). So I am a bit skeptical. But if they really can do it, then I will not refuse to buy a smart yoga mat.

founder Neyma Jahan in the interview, points out that this is made of four different prototype pad test for four different kinds of sensors. Neyma Jahan said: it should not only cost-effective, but also can be rolled up. The two conditions strictly limit our choice. We think we did it.

when asked ‘what is of the greatest technical challenge and transport product “the question Neyma Jahan said, should be the software aspects. “We’re doing something important study of artificial intelligence, according to the different types of body recognition. We are using the Computer Vision, this is the same with Facebook USES facial recognition technology. With the position of intelligent mat spread and balance heat map for data identification.

just make smart pad study called a “downward dog” posture, you need to let 20 different levels, different shape of yoga practitioners in 20 different intelligent mat. Tutor every shout out an action, the engineer will record this 20 people posing as “downward dog” heat map, teacher will correct their position at the same time. Through this work, we will set up different shape of the standard “downward dog” average heat map. We will make the initial 62 posture to do such a surveying and mapping.

because these high-tech products you need are embodied in intelligent pad, so in terms of price is not cheap. First to eat crab people on Indiegogo buy price is $247, and have been sold out, now smart pad price at $297. All producers, said when the Indiegogo raise over, retail price will be $447. It is only a smart pad is clearly price. Users need to bring your own smartphone or tablet to access instruction model, and view about the data.


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