Magic camera get alibaba tens of millions of dollars to A round of investment

(wen xuan/day)

virtual domestic cartoons used magic diffuse camera today formally announced the company tens of millions of dollars to A round of financing, the investor for the alibaba group, but did not disclose the specific amount. Transaction is completed, the two sides will also depth business cooperation.

the magic camera by Ren Xiaoqian and diffuse kwong leung wong two people founded, in July 2013 online operations, currently provide services such as cartoon, expression, allows users to quickly DIY comics. Now the user scale has reached 160 million, of which the overseas accounted for up to 6, active users in magnitude. With numerous duplicate overseas successful product model is different, the magic diffuse camera is indigenous innovation of the birth of domestic product, managed to get into the international market. , according to official data has been used in more than 140 countries of the App Store always ranked the first, also successfully got rid of “phenomenal” product of swift death curse. Use Ren Xiaoqian one explanation is that the magic camera is not so much a App, rather than to provide users with a skill of creating comics.

is also based on this, the magic diffuse camera won the favour of alibaba. Before this, foreign virtual avatar application Bitstrips also won a $3 million investment in the first round, including Hong Kong’s richest man li ka-shing.

in the magic diffuse camera from last year began to contact many investment institutions, finally chose to alibaba? Magic diffuse kwong leung wong, founder of the camera, the two sides has more resources complementary advantages. In diffuse in commercialization way in the future, based on taobao day online channels such as cat to get through custom gift this strategic plan, ali has abundant resources of businesses. Not only that, the magic camera through a virtual product also can be applied to the culture, film and television, games, community and other fields, such as application scenario, this with ali now part of the layout. In addition, the two sides in international exploration may also have many cooperation.

although has 160 million large users, but the magic camera through the past is not too much effort on the commercial road, but focus on building products. Only in terms of advertising, members, and personalized custom made some attempt. According to kwong leung wong, next year will see the magic camera more diffuse the commercialization of the new exploration.

after get this round of financing, the magic camera will be used for expansion team, marketing and build ecosystem, etc.

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