Magic camera application Yesterscape time take you “back to the past

you’re standing at a crossroads, take one photo. Years later, you again came to the familiar place, filmed the photo, photo is a few years ago. Suddenly back in time past in the mind. While praising time is swift, you can’t help but thanks to the hands of the app – Yesterscape, is it take you back to forget the past.

a startup in Kyoto, Japan recently Qooq launched a new custom time Yesterscape camera application. After the invention of the camera, we are used to use photos to save memories, but the app is one step closer, just as its name implies, “time” camera, users can take a picture of the scene.

sounds very weird, right? Actually there is no science fiction type “time machine”, just Yesterscape store your pictures in a special way. But users only need to do is log in to your first Yesterscape account (or Facebook, Google account), and then start to take pictures. But you take each picture, the system will automatically to mark it as the coordinates of the location, and then stored in the photo album in your account. Take advantage of this unique identifier, whenever you pass here can view photos. For example, if you accidentally after a scenic spot or went into a restaurant, application found you once taken photos here, it will give you push a message. Open the message, a photo taken in the past. Review around again, and you’ll find a few years later, there is already much transformed, or perhaps you surprised even if time passes, continuing to be here. In addition to take its own pictures, you can also share with friends their own photos, can import from other places album photos to your account. So, even if you haven’t been to place, you still can take a pictures of “in the past time.”

Yesterscape first popularized in Kyoto. Thanks to Kyoto numerous historic sites, classifies various tourist attractions photos of different periods Yesterscape packaging, to provide users to download. The move not only makes visitors come here to better understand the development and change of Kyoto in recent years, won widespread praise for it.

Yesterscape developers Taiho Ms. Ueda, also is the startup Qooq, Inc., a founder.

Yeaterscape success proved Udea and his company in the future in the field of determination. As a self-study software developers, he and his first entrepreneurial venture partners try instead to succeed owe a debt. Later, he hired a CTO, thought the CTO can help him to turn things around, but in fact the man is only a theory. Although a play-off difficulties, the company still pay off the debts of the business fail. Now, Udea to form a team, looking forward to the future success.

indeed, Yesterscape performed well. From release to now, hit the 200000 mark Yesterscpae downloads have, Thailand especially active users. Udea said he did not intend to excessive expansion of their market in a short period of time, until he saw the rapid development of Google Glass these products. “We expand the market as a long-term goal.” He said.

in order to attract more users, Yesterscape recently released a new feature 3 d graphics technology, users can add 3 d image elements in their photos.

“so far, we don’t have too big problem of capital turnover. Even if the company’s operation is not very ideal, but I can through other business running around.” When it comes to the future development, Ms. Ueda said, “we have not received any temporary investment, so there is no enough money to expand the market, but in the future we will actively looking for funding opportunities.”

for startups, and expand the market means seeking overseas resources, and also face the competition more intense. To this, Ms. Ueda is ready. One plan is promote Yesterscape in developing countries, as much as possible to collect the current developing countries face the photos. The ultimate goal of the plan is to allow the next generation can pass these photos “back to” where their parents once lived.

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