Magic box: no wifi environment, family recreation quality time

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how do you spend time to bored? Think of random automatic cache in wifi environment three movies, when people in the bus or subway no net environment, such as casual watch has a good three movies to kill time, just think of the experience is very relaxing. Furthermore, three titles is not easy in the film, but after the selected high quality sources, large short of internal and external top quality award and the repository of glendale, even the random distribution of film, also can guarantee the high-quality goods of each film, is it consider is quality feels dye-in-the-wood.

magic box to do is to let people enjoy in boring time quality film small feast. It loved the film and television play specifically for the user design, even in bits and pieces of free time can also use short little video to fill a temporary video, meet such people thirst for quality video.

magic box’s biggest characteristics and advantages, the first is not consume any mobile network traffic, only under the environment of wifi to download. When leaving Wifi environment and mobile phones for automatic cutting back to 2 g/3 g environment, the software automatically suspend the current download operation, so as not to cause the user flow consumption; The second is to not waste storage space and three short size are controlled within the 100 MB, the video time control in 15 minutes, see burn after clear the cache automatically, need not worry time movie lead to smaller memory problems. This bow is undoubtedly the tribe in network environment is very close to eliminate pain points pastime tools.

in the operation of the magic box, simple and intuitive, the three films by sliding the screen to switch, light touch Play “Play” button, and after you can choose to keep or delete operation. Remove this space after there will be a new film, automatic filling, the premise is, of course, are in a Wifi, although simple, but smart convenient, intuitive and clear. In the absence of wifi environment, at least you still have three quality film with.

movie magic box belongs to V’s products, in April, this year. V movie is the domestic video sharing platform, excellent video clips creators, sharing global excellent video clips, provide the film making Revelations, and held the offline video clips shown all over the country. At first magic boxes just function

magic boxCompany: Beijing susquehanna Amy technology co., LTD.

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