Mackenzie & amp; Marr, made in China, overseas sales manual guitar shop

the hand-made guitar is a noble and exquisite art, it is time for those who plucked instrument making craftsmen, considering the network market. MacKenzie & amp; Marr is a small company in Quebec, specially designed and hand made some relative price popular but looks cool guitar. Although the main manufacturing is done in China, but every a Korean pine solid wood panel of guitar for all artifacts, not to participate in making machine. The guitar lovers as long as the point on the site of a mouse can be scheduled to these handsome guitar.

why the founder of company decided to set up shop online? One of the founders of John Marr commented: “music instrument industry distribution channels are worse than you can imagine. From the factory to the brand to the warehouse, or from different distributors to dealers, basic will only appear in the top guitar or a small retail shop.” New development of the network market can let companies have hand-made guitar price 60% lower.

in terms of electronic business, the musical instrument industry is hopeless. Like the best watches and pen, consumers had already set the framework for the market, usually only the most prestigious retailers and brands to be favorred. But once dodged the framework, the company has saved a lot of money is also reduced a lot of trouble.

Marr in recalls the selected manufacturer said, “when I’m looking for a guitar can sell on the net, the price must be high (since we have no interest in selling 25 cents a small pendant), and to be able to help set a good reputation. Then one day my partner Jonathan had asked me if I had tried China made the guitar. I tried before, but the quality is too bad.”

“and Jonathan told me that I have to try again made in China is relatively a new batch of real wood of the guitar. Track you heard his words, didn’t I think of this guitar quality is good, and more importantly, we also know how to make the instrument more outstanding. So finally it is! We selected the guitar.”

later in order to better observe the manufacturing process, Marr stay in China for a week. Because the production process is neither through contract manufacturers also does not include the cost of too expensive, so the company can produce and Canada produces guitar technology is not the same product.

everybody said the top musicians is not going to buy a guitar on the Internet. They are wrong.”

it’s prove you wrong. In Canada called a Dragon ‘s Den on the reality of Shark Tank (the equivalent of the United States), entrepreneurs show investors own marketing plan ways to match. Mackenzie& Marr the first batch of products of the company since the advent of on a program after it was sold out soon. Consumers often on the Internet can easily buy such large Fender or Martin brand of the guitar, but Mackenzie& Marr was the first online manual guitar manufacturer direct selling companies.

there is no company began to accept customized, but with engraving service will launch soon. “For big manufacturers of our production is small, so even if we have the largest number of a batch of goods, such as Martin guitar brands seems only enough to produce a batch of order quantity.” Guitar starts at around $1000, but some of the flawed models 600 dollars can buy.

Jon Mackenzie and Mar is primary school students, is now to know each other more than 50 years of good friend. Marr prefer a guitar playing blues and Jon prefer ballads and Celtic music. Marr smile said the money into their own eyes, but at least he made the guitar crafts also not bad to want to make money.

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