Machine not only can write news, the future to make novel!

as of November, aspiring writers’ busy perfecting his novel, these people is NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month) participants. This once a year (actually just held two years) inspires people writing novels. Interestingly, the author of the novel, computer – about 100 participants rather than people to use computer programs to produce within the given time 50000 word novel. This activity also dubbed NaNoGenMo (country novels reproduction), output work often funny and weird.

programmers and artists Darius Kazemi on a whim to the idea of having the group match last year. He notice immediately on Twitter said: “hey! Who want to have a NaNoGenMo game with me!”

Kazemi said. “it is really resonate with many.” The next day, he is in making a library to save work.

“world clock” is the champion of the last year. Its author Nick Montfort is a professor at MIT department of digital media, is also a poet, he spent 165 lines of Python code created a character can be procedures for combination, location information and action. With this program, the novel was produced quickly, then Harvard Book Store published. Kazemi admitted that produce novel don’t like the writer’s novel has a fascinating plot, read them is a kind of torture. Kazemi said, “even the author Nick, don’t know if you can’t be a mystery in his work.”

this novel production difficulty lies in the narrative techniques. Companies and researchers trying to invent a new program can fluent narrative, but the effect is not very ideal, most of the program can only produce a short passage. Narrative Science program can highlight sports event or an important information in financial reports, and then through people prepared template to complete the arrangement. Although language hard, fast and accurate.

Kazemi said, “the purpose of entertainment is NanNoGenMo.”

last year’s NaNoGenMo Kazemi’s novels are the children of the house. He made a long list of “intelligent agents” and let them distribute in the house, around the above program will record their action. When two “agency” after they met on a house, will look for the appropriate content on Twitter as dialogue. Topic is likely to be about “dinner”, for example, a program will ask “what is the dinner of tomorrow?” Then another answer is of course about “dinner”, “dinner is my favorite meal of the day.” Kazemi said, “this kind of situation often happen, the topic of conversation around the same, but totally misguided” question and answer.

this year he is going to design a can explain the novel writing instruction program. “To establish a routine work for the beginning, and then presents the character’s dream, then the ‘for this action and so on of these instructions is the guidance of writing program.” Kazemi explained “reads like crap, but it is narrative technique progress.”

another participant Michelle Fullwood, produced a paper entitled Twide and Twejudice novel can be said to be the Pride and Prejudice, Pride and Prejudice) adaptation of the dialogue in the original is replaced by the content of from Twitter. The results were surprising joy, Jane Austen says the role of utter nonsense. Such as the content of the original is, Mr Bennett told Mrs Bennett, countless young talents just moved to the town to tell their daughters to marry him. Can be translated as “I hope you will have to get it, see many more young skiers… “

universal machine, maybe later can take the place of our baby also not clear!

Liza Daly’s works is the original version of the voynich manuscript. (the voynich manuscript was the ancient books of the 15th century, recorded in the above, there are many unknown handwriting and precision and complex chart) programs written in Daly, materials and immediately arrangement, from the ancient books and write in with old alchemy and plant images on the page (from the Internet archive). His book is very beautiful, more fascinating than the ancient books.

The invention of the

followed by Greg Borenstein, almost is a black comedy. His program from the Project Gutenberg (Project Gutenberg) based in detective stories. References contained in suspense, the murderer, the witness, the witness, the scene, killer, weapons, such as clues, blame, and reveal a series of words sentences.

then he collects these statements on Flickr, in a cartoon pictures on selecting the appropriate application, finally produce a strange stories. Although the Flickr search still need Borenstein do it yourself, but he is mulling a fully automated process: program for image recognition and can add dialogue bubbles on the image.

“cartoon production results sometimes let me egg pain” Kazemi introduction “it is very inconsistent, it is simply a stream of consciousness, as most NaNoGenMo works the narrative style of the same.”

Kazemi, stressed that “the game is a joy, figure seriously you lose. Think about it and move the code slightly, the story might be different.” He pointed to the Definition, the Book, “the program initially with the eight basic words and use these words to define other words and adding vocabulary, so cycle, completed a 50000 – word novel. Can you guess the results? After the beginning of the sentence is the first half of the book, half is the end. I never thought I can become like this article, is knowledge.”

Borenstein has completed the Generated Detective sentences and automated image match, modified the code, and also can make the program from different types of novel (including science fiction, romance novels and thrillers) materials.

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