Ma VS bezos: tai chi master “players” space enthusiasts

in 1990, Mr Ma has also taught in hangzhou university of electronic science and technology, also teach a group of students to learn English. But who would have thought that 24 years later, he became the richest millionaires in China.

in the same year, bezos at D.E. Shaw & amp; Co work, this is an investment management company in New York. Jeff was graduated from Princeton university with the best grades, got a degree in computer science and electrical engineering. Since then has the seeds, which means that bezos will be in the field of science and technology achievement, it’s just a matter of time.

a few years later, they two people will put forward a similar name for their company. Bezos called Cadabra was hope, the meaning of the name for the “magic”, named jack ma “alibaba”, hope to be able to pass the name with a roar “open sesame” can open the door to his success. They both name and direction are very similar, that is “electronic commerce and magic”

the origin of these two stories are indicates some philosophy, the two companies will run in opposite directions. But they will also meet, in the battle. A month after the listing in alibaba, let us more in-depth look at the founders and their company in the online retail industry path, and simple outlook about their future.

the consumers in the first place?

amazon in dealing with consumer relationship has been very famous in this area. In fact, this is the mantra bezos, he is in this magic methods fact, consumer relationship is amazon’s company culture in the front of a law. Bezos is a consumer-centric company founder.

“we have a lot of consumers, the consumers are our very seriously. Treating customers we have the right corporate culture, a culture can let customer satisfaction. If we have to find out in the past six years than other companies in the field of Internet industry to highlight the reason, that is what we pay attention to consumer experience, the focus, like a “laser” hot and concentration. I think, it is very important to any business on the Internet, the user’s reputation is important, the user’s strength is very strong.” Bezos said.

but Mr. Ma’s approach is slightly different. This year on September 22, alibaba’s listed on the New York stock exchange after a few minutes, Mr Ma said “customer first, employees second, shareholders third” such a word. The essence of this sentence is ma treats his client’s position on one of the core. He is not like bezos to see consumers about their everyday. For Mr Ma, his customers is to use the taobao and Tmall small wechat business enterprises as a platform. Jack ma said at Stanford university in 2013:

alibaba is not a simple for consumers of a company. I know we don’t have a become consumers the correct gene type of company. The world changes with each passing day, we hard to measure the demand of consumers. But there are specialize in, some small businesses are more able to accurately grasp the demand of consumers. We must use our power to help these sellers and some small and medium-sized enterprises to support their customers.

when you seriously dig amazon treat the story of small business, you will find that they are the difference between the two is very clear and deep. As early as in 2006, amazon ended a 200 – year – old German tool development of enterprise. In 2007, when the amazon Kindle, did not say before can provide a profit of $9.99 to publishers, until released the same day, the news was announced. This year, amazon makes its consumers more and more difficult to buy books from publishers, all these things is because amazon’s a strategic goal. As Forbes said, amazon wants to a greater profit space provided to its suppliers, consumers, through these channels and then to the amazon offer lower prices of commodities. Amazon can appear like a monopoly.

but you won’t see such behavior in alibaba. The notion of alibaba is opposite with amazon. This is Mr. Ma in 2011 at Stanford university, said a very complex and special topics:

“I believe that in the Internet age, there is no thinking empire. I hate monopoly. The thinking mode of monopoly means that you must want to join me, or I will kill you. I really don’t like this model. I believe that an ecological model. The ecological model is that everyone should help each other, connected to each other. This is a green ecosystem. Is because of this, taobao to grow so fast, become so powerful. But I am very worried about, I worry about leaving the industry too many opportunities, can let rivals to seize the chance.”

no money, no technology, no planning

when you dig deeper into the two giant business philosophy, you can begin to see even deeper differences. When jack ma in 2013 at Stanford university on the podium again, he briefly describes some unique growth story of alibaba.

said this fearless, newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. There are three reasons for our success and the three reasons are also very valuable three points. First, we have no money. Second, we do not understand the professional technology. Third, we never make any plans. (note: cloud network editor king hunting ali is really “three-no” is not known, at least, Mr Ma said)

alibaba the beginning start from 50000 yuan. This is about 8158 dollars. In the amazon, started the first time, bezos took about $300000 from his parents.

jack ma, before starting his business trip is an English teacher. Bezos has just graduated from an ivy league university.

with ma “zero plan” form bright contrast, bezos made a very detailed plan. In a short video in 2009, after bought Zappos, bezos made a “only he knows some of the things on the list include:

“the user interests most core enterprises need a long-term plan. The number of companies which is much less than you think. I find for a company like we want to get a project investment money, need at least 5 to 7 years to wait. This process need to bear the brunt of the misunderstanding, for investors.”

but in one or two aspects, the technology giants are growing. Today Mr. Ma’s worth $21.8 billion, making him the richest man in the world rankings, ranked 37th. Bezos was worth $30.5 billion, he came in the list of the 21st.

now, the two people will put their money in what place? Across their business ideas and their business, this gives us an inner idea, what is what they really care about. In 2013, was asked about the most favorite book is something, bezos said he likes science fiction, this proved why he will personally invested $five hundred million for a company called Blue Origin. This is his investment in one of several large projects, Blue Origin have been engaged in research projects in the field of space, such as planetary defense and space rockets. This is part of the lifelong dream of bezos. In orbit, he says, build a space hotel for ten thousand wupan, playground, even live, is a very great things. Have the latest report shows that bezos in exercise actively, so that he can personally go into space at the right time.

jack ma and li created a tai chi school. Yes, believe it or not, Mr Ma is a tai chi master, if you heard him talk, you can hear the Taoism and Buddhism on his penetration. “Today is cruel, tomorrow will be heavy, but the day after tomorrow will be beautiful.” Ma daily meditation. In many speech, he had the most mentioned issue is “personal development and the definition of” there is no doubt that this related to practice tai chi ma preferences.

at the end of the story, so we said in the story of alibaba and amazon, is actually a tai chi master and a dream of becoming the astronaut’s legendary life story.

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