Ma: micro letter a good CARDS, but playing bad

cloud network hunting: recently, the editor-in-chief of Forbes Chinese version Zhou Jiangong dialogue jack ma, when it comes to tencent frequent large acquisitions, ma review said tencent acquired all the cases, old people is all can read, that would be wrong. Strategies like buying stocks, if the old lady began to buy stocks, there must be a problem.

the following is a conversation, turn from Forbes China:

Forbes: listed after, you is not the same feeling and ali?

jack ma: our mentality does not change, otherwise really big pressure. If listed, because the whole mind is changed, is no good, is not good for young people in particular. Like New Year’s day to eat a meal, then what is doing. Want to see our concentration. You see Peng Lei balance the pressure last year. In the past 15 years, people always look down upon our combat ability. Actually think we are the best place, ali is we had a lot of knives, was stabbed outside look glamorous, but there are a lot of internal injuries.

ali listed on the first evening, our partners together, they had a meal yesterday evening, after drinking wine, all want to go to work, this is responsibility.

objectively, actually we are not go today. We are not ready to go today, we don’t have mental preparation. Also should not go today, we the ability of these people are elongated, not to say that you ma very cow, cow into like that. We are being forced into this appearance, you have reached the top, you have no choice (option). Someone said, ali was very patient, insist on for 15 years, which is patience, oh no. Is not the last (laughs). Objective to speak (listed) is just the first milestone for ali, there are many invisible behind trouble, or you can see not flashy things.

Forbes: over the past year, WeChat cause great trouble to ali?

jack ma: I think micro letter is a good CARDS, but playing bad. This is the same with CARDS, you of the good CARDS in hand, not the other four you will break up, you must hit the key position.

we are back, three days in advance during the Spring Festival after the Spring Festival, we want to completely clear. Actually in front of a period of time, we’re just a mess. Wrong, because overnight as if everyone in the world is… If we are going to die (laughter).

we back checking our six years ago to make strategic decisions and choices, until today, we further clarify, we don’t have the wrong route. Just outside changed, just like today (ali), is not changed, we but outside view of we changed. We should go our own way. We have not changed, when outside began to change, tencent started ChouQi under.

tencent acquired all the cases, in fact, old people is all understand, it would be wrong. Strategies like buying stocks, if the old lady began to buy stocks, there must be a problem, if the old woman tell you should buy this, or buy that, that’s a problem. With what we have in the past 15 years do people understand, and we buy is not understand? After the problem is that they do WeChat, all the acquisitions and mergers, we all know what they want to do, it would be wrong. Maybe we should understand, people should not be understood.

each other so good hand in hand, of course we have a good hand CARDS. Actually today is the pattern of the four or five years ago has been settled, if had to choose four or five years ago, APP, wireless, and cloud computing, what I bet, I and cloud computing. You WeChat out again how, I remand cloud computing, and just WeChat our nervous, then we could adjust, this is the road we should take, not nervous. We had two weeks during the Spring Festival (adjust) back, tencent also can feel out, internal WeChat is not everything, ali isn’t so bad.

Forbes: the western view of the company, and our view of the company in China, if there is any conflict in values? Ali on sale in America, that is willing to accept the western and the value system of capital of the company?

jack ma: should not conflict, it should be said that the level of the high end. We think of company governance is different. Actually americans view of corporate governance, and online, the completely are two concepts. They worried about the national policy, is concerned about the organization structure, they see the company governance, transparency, long-term strategy, it is the enterprise the soft rib, opaque, what is the boss calls the shots.

is not I am willing to accept, I must accept it. If you want to live for a long time, the company is like water, what do you want to drink the water will not have loose bowels, you must be clean drinking water. Because it wasn’t, you’re drinking your employees are also drink, your client is in drink, you an opaque, your employees be silly, you say and do, who will listen to you. So the company need to governance, transparency, the company culture, talent need. Today many of China’s enterprises is still in want to, I’m here today to take, set to set to set these things.

Forbes: in a few years ago are stocks had a lot of problems and even crisis in terms of transparency, ali listed in the U.S. do you think, if I can take the lead, have the effect of the eldest brother?

jack ma: this is our responsibility, we can’t represent all of the enterprise, we represent ourselves. Why such a big demand for our stock, because there is no Wall Street put us when Chinese companies. When having a meal at noon today, the United States, they said we just saw a world-class business leaders in India, such as Pepsi and CEO of Microsoft, is Indian, not seen Chinese, today you changed our impression, also can give birth to world-class companies in China, and already has. We don’t have what distinction, and their global thinking on a level is the same values and ideas.

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