Ma listed six points of the letter you need to know

6 September news, alibaba group, filed with the securities and exchange commission (SEC prospectuses to update the file again. In addition to publish the information such as price range, Mr Ma is still in the prospectus issued a letter to investors. Such a letter, when amazon listed Jeff bezos wrote, when Google listed, larry page and sergey brin wrote, Facebook when mark zuckerberg wrote, to understand a company’s inner world, look at this letter is the most appropriate. So Mr. Ma in the letter said again what?

1, alibaba is what? In ma heart, alibaba is not a company, but an ecosystem. Ma in the letter said, “we are not rely on some technology innovation, or a few magic makes the founder of the company, but a by tens of thousands of believe in the future, believe that the Internet can make commercial society fairer and more open, more transparent, more should be free to share the participants, jointly invested a lot of time, energy and enthusiasm to build up an ecosystem.” The word ecosystem, ma made 24 times in an open letter, is the true love!

2, idealism and mission-driven contributed to today’s ali. Alibaba, there is no doubt that is China’s most idealism color, idealism and is undoubtedly an important reason for the success of alibaba. Ma has made no secret of his pride. “Alibaba is a truly believe in and practice mission-driven company. In the past 15 years, we stubbornly stick to the ‘so’ there is no such thing as a difficult business that mission, to help small and medium-sized enterprises solve the survival, growth and development. “.

he stressed that “no matter any happened, we will stubbornly stick to our ideal, insist to do myself, insist to do in the future, insist on the principle of good faith and transparent corporate governance. We will unswervingly to defend alibaba ecosystem and long-term health benefits.”

3, alibaba is a foreign company or local company? Mr. Ma’s answer is, alibaba is “established by the Chinese, but the company belongs to the world, to The Times.” For a global company, there is no domestic or foreign, key control on the man’s hand.

4, remind investors, avoid challenges not alibaba’s style. Investment in alibaba will increase many confused because of alibaba. Want to have a long-term investment of patience.

ma said, “in the United States, after becoming a public company (alibaba) before all of the controversial problems not only will not reduce, but also may increase more challenges. When a large Internet company from the Oriental ancient civilization into the global field of vision, its culture, values, legal, and even the geopolitical factors, such as collision, can cause a lot of complex problems. We hope these disputes are constructive, contributing to globalization discussion of new ideas.” He even admitted, “I am the founder of a variety of controversy.”

dares to give investors so much trouble, of course, because a hand. “The record of 15 years proved that our investors softbank (Soft Bank), Yahoo)… Any, long-term investors have been richly rewarded.”

5, “customer first, employees second, shareholders third” to represent the interests of investors.

to own the “quote”, Mr Ma, the alibaba only adhere to put the interests of customers first, to create lasting value for customers is likely to survive. In the new economic era, let customer satisfaction is the most important factor of our employees. Without diligence, happiness, passion, commitment and the ability of talented employees, to create customer value is meaningless. Not satisfied with the staff is impossible to have satisfied customers, not satisfied customers absolutely can’t be satisfied with the shareholders.” Truth is such a truth.

6, suggest investors to carefully understand alibaba partner system.

partner system is alibaba on the culture and the governance mechanism different from many companies a feature, Mr. Ma suggested that investors can read in the prospectus about alibaba partner system, to learn more alibaba about behind the uniqueness of the governance structure and management thinking.

jack ma said, “to operate a alibaba such large and complex ecological system is absolutely can’t rely on one or two founders or management, no matter how much they have the ability, we must use a mechanism and selection more stands out and have a common faith in their respective fields. Not partners to ensure the interests of the partners, but want to use a system to ensure that our sense of mission, values, vision and culture. We through absorbing new partners, to balance the core beliefs and stick to keep open, make sure that our ecological system and operational mechanism and scale development and evolve over time.”

in this update, ali added three more partners.

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