Ma listed letter: mix body of idealism and realism

if, want to use one word to describe alibaba, “the ideal and the reality of mixing body” is probably more appropriate. Many journalists often contact ali will have this feeling, love to talk about the “ideal”, this company “there is no difficult to do business”, “credit is the wealth”, “building new business civilization”… These are the broad spread of “declaration of the ideal. In ali a new version of the prospectus, released a letter to investors, Mr Ma again to create the future of idealism as the fundamental key of alibaba, “creating an open, cooperative and prosperous business ecosystem” is Mr. Ma in the definition of alibaba ideal implementation. Under the circumstances of China, ali this kind of “idealism” colour, let many people admire, also let many people questioned, and even disgust. After decades of social transformation, now it’s “it’s all business” Chinese expressions tend to appear more ground than “idealism”, and more credible, you may ask, alibaba is finally companies, not charity, isn’t it had done today in order to allow yourself to make more profit? Is it just in order to contribute to society?

“idealism” contingency and necessity of

as a character of the individual, the enterprise also has a character, it is often mixed with the formation of contingency and necessity, ali’s “idealism”, too. Founder’s personality will be a lot of time conduction to the enterprise, this is part of the accident. Ma I really was a very sensitive person of moral responsibility, have been widely spread on twitter of the video about the CMC test to impress many people, when Mr. Ma did not create alibaba, is still a little-known small people, touch the behavior or reflect the nature very much. But that is not all, to some extent, I tend to think, is that alibaba’s business model determines its today’s corporate personality. As Mr Ma said in the letter, a healthy ecosystem of prosperity is the foundation of ali’s business model. The subtext of this sentence is only customer profitability, partnership profits, ali can profit; Because alibaba is a platform for enterprise, all sales are done platform vendors, ali itself does not sell goods, its role is to keep the platform of smooth operation, different species is to stimulate the creativity, is to address the pain points of business. Hold up 1.68 trillion sales a year will not be easy, and, in this part the seller gains, only let the logistics, express, banking and finance, operators, isvs and advertising alliance, even shop decoration, etc. Participants can find girl in this platform to benefit, ali has platform value is true, it just may from 1.68 trillion GMV and derivative industry revenue, share belong to it that part of the profits, but also do a small proportion, bright eye of absolute value, even if only to extract 2% – 2%, has reached more than $500 of income. (ali fiscal 2014 revenue 2014, with total GMV as the denominator, ali proceeds account for only 3% of the GMV, proportion is not high.) On the contrary, if the platform is not healthy, not to provide value to the seller, the seller can’t profit, so sooner or later flight, broken hard foundation platform, more unable to reap the benefits. The business model itself, determines the ali must have the spirit of “altruism”, this, and another big giant tencent is very different, although tencent is also a platform level enterprise, but its main source of profit is proprietary of the game, is not a partner, so tencent enterprise gene, the requirement of “altruism” is not high. “Altruism”, which means you need more don’t care about their own short-term gain and loss, need you have a bigger global concept, need you to have a stronger ability of convergence of if less idealistic feelings, is difficult to do “altruism”.



idealism is a kind of “personality”, is not a kind of “ability”. Build the new commercial civilization, and build open, cooperative and prosperous business ecosystem, is the desire of the very difficult, it needs to be idealistic, but definitely not by feelings can come true. Especially in a country like China is relatively backward in the business environment, new business civilization need fair, transparent and efficient, more scarce. When you face the conflict of interest between buyers and sellers in competitive relationship between ecological species diversity of the appeal system, as well as a variety of shortcomings in the commercial society reality, such as fake goods, intellectual property infringement appear constantly, idealism and can not directly solve the problem. This time, you will have to in idealism, harmonic into realism, good attitude to have, also cannot lack commercial gimmick, this is character, competence. So on ali, you will see some interesting mix build, on the one hand talk about ideal love, the company is willing to and broad business vision, in the media, on the other hand, he was in operating platform, and need enough “ground”, and the seller, and the various partners business idea clearly, for them, no matter how good your vision, if the input and output out of proportion, also is not involved, side B is far more practical than C side. When ali’s business boundary is more and more big, the challenge will be more and more big, in ali earlier ecosystem, species already contains nearly 300 million active buyers, sellers, 8 million more than 100 logistics delivery person, hundreds of Banks and financial institutions, as well as the number of operators, isvs and training institutions, certification bodies, etc., and even find girl such segment type of work, the number of people has reached 40000, create output value of more than 1 billion each year. Now, electricity from online to offline, more businesses are now flooding and industry chain, cloud computing is the breakthrough of the traditional business boundaries, permeate more industry, more and more species in ecosystems ali, interest demands more and more complex, the operation difficulty of the system is also increasing. Ali can withstand the challenge, of course, if so it will be its solid moat, because of the more complex system, the more difficult it is to be copied and imitating, more impossible for one or two products or the so-called Internet traffic entrance and be transcended.

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