Ma latest speech: I am a blind man riding a blind the tiger’s back, but survived

October 17 morning, the Asia society, United Nations headquarters in New York announced the first “and” winners and award ceremony, Mr. Ma as the only representatives of Chinese entrepreneurs, in the first list of “change”.

he said in his speech, “the past 15 years, I often say I am a blind man on the back of a blind tiger, but those experts failed on his horse, we survived. Because we consider is the future, we believe in the future. We change ourselves. We never complained about others.”

speech | ma (director of Chinese entrepreneur club, alibaba group chairman of the board)

thank you very much! Stand here tonight, I feel very glorious and humility. I never thought that life will have the opportunity to come to the United Nations. Thank you ms ShiJing book, thank you very much for the Asia society.

I especially want to thank Ellie’s remark on the teacher. In twelve years old, I began to learn English, for the sake of what, I don’t know, I just feel in love with the language. At that time, I’ll ride at five o ‘clock in the morning, 40 minutes a day to find a foreign tourists in hotel in hangzhou, they teach me English, I take them to visit cities in exchange.

from then on, I began to have a habit, that is to use my own brain to think, spend a few minutes. When everyone said to wait a few minutes, when everyone said no, wait a few minutes, carefully think about the thing itself. Because when you see the world from a different perspective, you may also use different ways to do things.

tonight, I am deeply inspired by all these change. When listen to their stories, I realized that there are so many things I can do in the world, there are so many things I can do better, there are so many things we can do together. Today I am not on behalf of myself, but on behalf of all the little guy, I work with small businesses.

when I leave university in 1995, I told the President, I want to be a entrepreneur, do the Internet. He asked me: what is the Internet? I replied: I don’t know, listen to me, he told me that after two hours, Jack, I know you want to have some kind of, I don’t understand what you do. But if you want to come back after ten years, it will come back. I said: good, ten years later, if I want to come back, I’ll be back. As a teacher, you will always believe in the future. You believe that knowledge can change one’s life, do you believe in and hope that your student is better than you. Student is the best product. Today, I was no longer a teacher, but I believe in the company, the CEO on behalf of the “chief education officer”. Because, many colleagues don’t like me. I am responsible for it, however, they do.

in my business, is very difficult to do a small entrepreneurs in China, it took me five months time to borrow $500, and the company failed. At that time I didn’t get the chance, I also don’t know how to run businesses. When I went to register first company, want to be named to the Internet, registration office told me, no, the dictionary without the word, you must change the name registered company. He suggested that I use the computer consulting company, but I don’t even know what is computer. So my first company, hangzhou hope computer consulting firm, was hard at that time, I was ignorant of science and technology and the computer.

in the last 15 years, I often say I am a blind man on the back of a blind tiger, but those experts failed on his horse, we survived. Because we consider is the future, we believe in the future. We change ourselves. We never complained about others. I tell the team in my apartment, we must prove ourselves, because if we can be successful, that 80% of young people in China will be able to succeed. We don’t have rich father, have the right to uncle, we didn’t get a yuan from the government, not once took a cake of money from the bank, we start from scratch. So I must work hard, not only is to prove ourselves, is also proved that our generation, to prove that the power of the Internet. This is what I want to share with young people.

another I deeply believe that things, is a small is beautiful if you don’t help the little people, so I can use the Internet to help nobody. Take care of very well by Wall Street in a multinational company, only small business no one to help them. If we create value for them, then we will succeed. Our philosophy is that if you help others to succeed, you will succeed. I have always been people who believe in the future, I believe that young people, believe in innovation.

as secretary-general says, in today’s world a lot of trouble. In the world today is full of complaints. When I was in their 20 s and complain. Microsoft, IBM, cisco, and they are big company and small company we are helpless, they are too big. At that time, we also complained. But now I don’t complain, because we have become one of the big guy. I want to tell the young man is, if the majority of people are complaining about, it is an opportunity. Some people choose to complain, and some choose to change themselves, helping to change others. Opportunity is in the place where those who are complaining. I’ll never believe this, and so did we step by step go today.

last and one of the most important thing, that’s all people will be here to send a T-shirt. This is a special alibaba IPO limited-edition t-shirts. All of these t-shirts are small people, our small businesses. This is to give a worm, small is beautiful, small power. Printing on the T-shirt is very few people know that alibaba successful password, like open sesame, alibaba has a password, that is “dream to some, the one thousand implements some day?

Asia society official ma won the prize is introduced:

in his ten years old, Mr. Ma will come to my hometown hangzhou 40 minutes each morning to ride bike in the local hotel, just in order to practice English and foreign tourists. It was his first signs of a global perspective, it is the global field of vision, led him to become the forefront of China’s Internet entrepreneurs, since the world’s largest e-commerce company alibaba group founder and executive chairman. Also because of the global view, we will be “Asia” “annual award to Mr. Ma.

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