Ma: jingdong will become a tragedy in the future, directional problems

note: hunting cloud have always is famous for its fine strategy under the leadership of Mr. Ma ali, be good at layout, don’t care about gain and loss, in the sight of all domestic most valuable Internet companies. In his view, whether WeChat Lucky Money or tencent teamed up with jingdong, is just the tactical level, no real threat to ali. For jingdong, Mr Ma is thought there is a huge problem, its model outlook pessimistic. The following content from a rich web:

published in the latest, co-authored by Mr Fang and liu wei “alibaba of being wild”, the author referred to his chat with Mr Ma, ma talked about their perception of rival jingdong, quite surprising. Ma concluded that jingdong model there is a huge problem, outlook pessimistic: “the jingdong will become a tragedy, the tragedy is the first day I just remind you, not me better than him, but the direction of the problem, this is can’t… So, I kept telling everybody in the company, don’t go to touch the jingdong. We don’t then your dead lai.”

when the whole industry and social habit to ali, tencent and baidu together, in order to BAT, collectively, in ma’s heart, is no longer the tencent and baidu as the same opponent. Mr Ma believes that ali will rapidly as the strategy for the gap with tencent and baidu. This thesis, for many people, certainly feel ma too pretentious. Listed on the same day, in fact, ali value not only transcends the tencent and baidu, and the sum of the cauldron beyond tencent and baidu. The market value of listed two months later, ali has almost 2 times that of tencent, baidu’s four times as much! Ali, tencent, baidu is not a class, but the formation of 1:2:3 class 4. Ma by listing, the lead, began to lead China’s Internet obviously. And in his mind, the gap in the future will also be further apart.

for people with ali strategy, as well as a variety of questioning and criticism, Mr. Ma said: “we are through the layout of the 15 years, gradually formed the network effect. It is the power of strategy. Listed we have done several times before, many people began to shout look not to understand. Another three to five years, a few people understand me in the market? Even the old lady understand the strategy I saw it in seven or eight years ago. With what I buy now, you will understand? I said before, in 2008, a real building was built by the window, the door together. You only have a small house built, is built from scratch from a brick; And advocate material, like a skyscraper, is not to do, just suddenly came so big things, it is because have done before.”

the subject nature and talked about the WeChat Lucky Money boom during the Spring Festival, and ma exclaim, “Pearl Harbor” panic. As far as I know, ma really frightened at that time, the company has also been greatly trembled. Although be ma for sniper WeChat has now been almost silent, but at the moment, jack ma, but more calm. Now ma can easily said, going back and forth is a smokescreen. Ma believes that tencent is strong in products, micro letter really badly. However, ali and tencent, ali to build an aircraft carrier fleet, WeChat just aircraft level of products. Mr. Ma said, from QQ to micro letter, tencent’s aircraft upgrades. But, aircraft can often upgrade, carrier can’t update frequently. Carrier is composed of multiple fleet, its strong combat effectiveness is not from a single aircraft, but the overall strength! Today, if there is no search baidu, baidu? If there is no micro letter, tencent tencent? If there is no taobao ali, ali? Baidu and tencent if there is no search and micro letter, just finished, and ali is taobao today.

jack ma think whether WeChat Lucky Money, or tencent teamed up with jingdong, is just a tactical level, the ali no real threat. Ma said: “today China’s strategy to win, we are higher than that of tencent. Micro letter today with the public comment on cooperation, the public comments didn’t come up with anything; WeChat work with drops, also didn’t see anything; Today WeChat work with jingdong, more stupid, so this way just to see the capital market. We all feel pity yourself. If today I don’t go to see the layout of the five years, eight years later, eight years later died. I found a lot of companies, including tencent, there are a lot of problems on strategy.”

the perceived ali’s competitors, foreign, of course, is amazon , domestic jingdong, of course. For amazon, Mr Ma is quite admire, he said: “the amazon is one of the world’s great companies, once I and bezos (amazon group chairman and CEO) the two gates home, he knew that the two of us, not rivals, but we’re both very competitive. Both born yu heap cements, if the United States have a alibaba, amazon can still live? United States because there is no alibaba, let amazon survived.”

with jingdong, jack ma, let me very surprised, he concluded that there is a huge problem, jingdong model outlook pessimistic: “the jingdong will become a tragedy, the tragedy is the first day I just remind you, not me better than him, but the direction of the problem, this is no way. How many people you know jingdong now? 50000 people! Alibaba is slowly grow up, it’s only 23000 people. Add up to 25000 people. Why don’t you know I do delivery? Jingdong 50000 people now, warehouse nearly 34, ten thousand people, deserve to go up 2 million packages a day. I now to deserve to go up on an average day 27 million package, what concept? Ten years later, China will have 300 million packages, every day you have to hire 1 million people, 1 million people that will kill you, you tube to try again? And it is 60% of income in zhongguancun and taobao, it can’t be that a large number of its own on the Internet. So, I kept telling everybody in the company, don’t go to touch the jingdong. We don’t then your dead lai.”


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