Ma, cook each table: alipay and Apple Pay “interested in each other”

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Update: the latest news, points out that the cook this week to discuss and Mr. Ma two Apple company pay and pay treasure to cooperation.

at a conference in the Wall Street journal, Mr. Ma and Apple CEO cook threw a bombshell to us: alipay will likely Apple and Apple launched mobile payment tools Pay cooperation.

Mr Ma in an interview in half an hour, and cook for apple gave a lot of praise. Cook also at the same conference said in an interview: “I have the most high respect to Mr Ma”.

it is important both in the mutual admiration praise, expressed the hope that cooperation in the field of mobile payment.

ma said: “I am very interested in Apple Pay, I hope I can and what they (Apple) to do.” Cook said: “we enjoy working with the smartest person in the world, these people have flexible team organization structure, focus on improving product experience, and can promote the development of the business of apple. Mr Ma and his team, in my opinion, is such a partner. If the future we can find the right field, I would be happy to work with them.”

Apple Pay no log in China, but as Apple had high hopes, even decided to Apple’s future business development status in China have to face the problem seems to be a cook. And paypal cooperation, indirect mastered the largest Chinese online payment system, and is likely to obtain data of hundreds of millions of Chinese online shoppers. For alipay, by means of the “crazy” apple devices, can easily solve the problem of payment hardware port. In short, apple and paypal cooperation, is soft (payment system) and the complementary advantages of hard (port).

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