Ma about listing: today in harmony to is not money, but trust

alibaba group will today formally in nyse, chairman jack ma said in a speech before trading, raise today is not money, but trust, alibaba will continue to do the right thing.

alibaba was priced at $68, according to the prices, alibaba group, have been for $21.8 billion, which raised will also set the record IPO in the history of the nation’s biggest financing. If underwriters exercise of the over-allotment option to completely meet the needs of investors, the raised could reach $25 billion.

jack ma, first of all to thank the investors’ approval of alibaba, said alibaba listing is not only the left money, more important is the trust of investors.

, according to the latest data released by the alibaba group in China’s e-commerce market occupies 80% share of taobao mall and day cat handling of last year’s online transactions worth a combined $248 billion, more than the sum of amazon and eBay.

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