Luggage, travel to use tools application class

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and other travel application is different, the suitcase is a travel utility collection, include the weather, translation, foreign exchange, bookkeeping, visa and other travel need practical function.

in his team’s view, their positioning of luggage is a good assistant of travel. At present does not consider profit, all will follow the user. Suitcases do big advantage is that a product to solve the multiple usage scenarios needed for outbound tourism small functions. In setting a trip, just prior to the start of the tourist destination of the weather, time, strategy, etc. Can see directly.

the luggage has a close function is much money travel charge to an account, a lot of domestic application of charge to an account not exchange rate, more money to an account function and seldom have this function. But the outbound tourism to more foreign currency. Suitcase with a foreign currency account support, will automatically combined classification, finally combined into renminbi. Single currency conversion function, can also be used in the shopping.

tell hunting cloud network team, luggage application in the current translation is called flints, translation is the Google interface. Domestic cannot use after team later adopted Nuance (currently Siri technology suppliers) of speech recognition, the fastest can identify multiple languages, translation interface currently used at the same time the baidu and Google translate, according to the user’s location to determine which interface to use, domestic use baidu translation, foreign used Google translate.

team in the future of suitcases planning tools or do first, cultivate a batch of seeds after the user will go to the platform. Such as guide plate can let more professional providers. To remove the user demand, focus on the future will do offline version, translation is also divided into offline and online translation. Also consider to join the membership function, synchronization and backup data can be conveniently by users.

at present, the luggage was produced by a new station insurance network of mobile applications. Do is: the original intent of the app team project is the beginning of the “travel insurance”, but in the process of operation found only on an application to promote website business some thin and second market research found that most of the application are doing OTA function, focusing on travel tools are not many. This let the team information into the blank field. The suitcase in grafting of the parent company travel insurance business, the future will be in the user trip planning and travel guides and travel security do a one-stop service.


company: a new station insurance agency co., LTD.


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