Loved by the vc salad shop: the store look into them

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cloud network hunting note: a salad fast-food restaurant recently acquired IT bosses led tens of millions of dollars of investment. There is no new technology application, the fast food restaurant, established by three college students at present had already received $50 million in profit.

why a by Internet giant will lead venture capital to a “farm to table” model of salad shop investment?

since a few weeks ago, is located in the east coast of the us fast-food salad chain announced for $18.5 million in financing, technology observers will constantly search for the answer to this question.

in this round of financing independent investors include: food and beverage industry giant Danny Meyer, Daniel in town, David Chang and Stonyfield Farm of yogurt Gary Hirshberg. However, most of the money comes from Revolution Growth, by Steve Case, the founder of AOL and other former AOL executives founded by venture-capital firms.

Revolution Growth strong focus on the consumer orientation and use of new technology companies, they believe that these companies will change the status quo of their industry.

according to the standards, our salad chain point does not conform to these requirements.

Mr. Case said to me: “the investment objects because neither a lot of new technologies also no particular risks of the observer is rather surprised.

but his prospects of Sweetgreen: Sweetgreen is moving into a huge market, rich health conscious consumers need a green food fast food shop for their service. “The food industry is facing a revolution apparently” he said.

founder Nicolas Jammet (from left to right), Nathaniel Ru and Jonathan Neman

many traditional entity in the past ten to twenty years struggled to their traditional services into Internet experience. However tech giants investment Sweetgreen one of the reasons is because they do exactly the opposite: Sweetgreen management to network seamless user interface the idea of using the experiences to their customers.

a Manhattan district Kenmare street this month new Sweetgreen stores designed the sets that kind of extremely rich visual effects. The store has an open kitchen area, diners can watch while waiting Sweetgreen skilled employees manage their food.

“we want to do is by showing, and not just like any other chain, to let customers know our process” one of the founders of Sweetgreen Nathaniel Ru told reporters: “the idea to the kitchen almost became part of our customer experience provided by the”

Sweetgreen history is extremely legendary. Short version is that in 2007, three Washington Georgetown university students: Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Neman and Nathaniel Ru near the campus a high prices and food is not healthy restaurant broke out when their discontent, he decided to open a restaurant of your health

Jammet says: we just diners, we just create their own like eating experience.

in order to make the menu, three people in their dorm room with their classmates held salad party as target group. They tossed the start-up capital from relatives and friends, and use the money to repair a Georgetown local near 200 square meters.

Jonathan Neman described the beginning: “at the start of the compact shop has its benefits: shop carefully decorate climaxing not only our signs, small stores also forces us to focus on the cooking of food.”

begin from a small store, Sweetgreen by its unique charm quickly out of Washington, around 27 stores across the five coastal states. By 2014, Sweetgreen received more than $50 million in profits and growth has reached 50% in 2014. Sweetgreen plan at the beginning of next year to expand our business to California.

Sweetgreen has become one of the leading brand of the fast food chain, the same also Dig Inn in New York and California to promote low-carbon diet healthy an Greens. Sweetgreen from local farmers a lot of purchasing agricultural products, each chain has a unique selected meal and classical selected meal a day. Although Sweetgreen allows customers to salads, but most people still directly from the menu list of choices of salad.

Sweetgreen Rad Thai salad, made from local materials


of course, there are also unique secret sauce, again and again to tempt customers’ taste buds. Earlier, the three founders in their goal of “health awareness of energetic” daily communication only through personal terminal customer group was found in a clear sense of taste requirements.

in each city, Sweetgreen will hire local architect design conforms to the local unique restaurants, some of which will display the works of local artists.

Sweetgreen shareholder, founder of the online on the creative display platform Behance Belsky it this way: when the earth is becoming smaller and smaller, people always have a demand for the sense of belonging. Using local ingredients and to support the output of local artists can provide such a sense of belonging.

on a Sunday night, the Manhattan area NoMad mall Sweetgreen customers are lining up to buy their salad, or the best-selling Caesar salad, or a quarter of the apple, pear, cheddar cheese salad. Others are hanging around the stands after the store, a work of art be put here, intended to make people linger in the brownstone set.

there is a blackboard in the above cited the diners at the meals material source: apple and pear Porpiglia farm from New York; Kale Marolda farm from New Jersey and so on. Used to forensic accounting consultant Michelle Khodorov said, after a few times to visit I will remember my food sources, such a confession made me feel very comfortable.

in order to satisfy the hungry diners Kenmare shop for their concierge is equipped with the device, the device is a special menu application, through the app diners can be directly in the concierge spots, removed from the queue.

Ru explained: “we attempt to find a connection to food and personal terminal experience and do not break elegant way.”

although Sweetgreen local consumer policy closer than those cookie-cutter fast-food wants to spend more money, but Mr Case investors believe that the practice of Sweetgreen make they do big national brands have higher success rate, “they’re like a healthy diet version Chipotle”

Case pointed out that Revolution Growth doubled investments in Sweetgreen. Last year, the Revolution Growth to Sweetgreen invested $22 million.

Mr Case continued: “in all we do investment, Sweetgreen has caused the largest institutional investors and individual investors interested in, I believe that the fast food shop must have his unique.”


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