Love encryption: focus on doing an APP crack prevention technology


most developers believe that the seal of the iOS APP is more safe, in fact, according to a foreign security service provider according to a survey, 87% of the first 100 iOS paid apps are broken by hackers. In purchase and crack, the source code to crack, local data theft, local data theft, bring a lot of risks for iOS applications. Under this form of mobile developers need to change the idea, except with android applications encrypt protection, also need to iOS application for encryption to protect, love encryption study a large number of iOS application case of crack, introduced the iOS application encryption services.

love encryption iOS based on a detailed analysis of a large number of cases, the core technology is that: the local data encryption (for NSUserDefaults, sqlite store file data encryption, protecting your account and key information.) Method, method of body/senior confusion, URL encoding and program structure are mixed encryption, network transmission, data encryption, and can according to the iOS app the user needs to provide customized solutions. And can provide customized solutions according to the requirements of iOS app users, so as to realize the iOS crack prevention protection. Small incremental, after tested, encryption is up and running efficiency is higher, protect resource files stolen tamper-proof, no matter big or small game application can adapter, compatibility of more than 98%.

iOS applications use the encryption method and the protection will be different from android application encryption, for example through the program code in the URL encryption, the application of the method name and methods to confuse body, as well as to the application logic structure of upset are mixed, and so on. Now, love the encryption has been updated to the third generation technology, improve the safety components strength, realize the coordinated security protection of the components, the safety system of the client. At present the technology is the first in the country.

in addition to android, iOS encryption services, love encryption provides safety assessment service, channel monitoring service, communication protocol security encryption scheme, competing goods analysis platform, security platform. And to provide cloud API interface, PC encryption tools, etc. CMO Chen Xuegan tell cloud network: hunting for security, love encryption plan more mobile application security, this time the iOS application encryption gradually perfected the mobile application security, next, love encryption can be in more areas for exploration and innovation, plans to build a perfect mobile security system, to provide services in more areas.

encryption CEO Mr Good love, graduated from zhengzhou university computer professional, after graduation work in the short-term informatization planning, entrepreneurial team formed love encryption at the end of 2012. Proficient in product design and marketing, planning the love encrypt the development direction of the three generations of products, company operation strategy, lead the team consists of about 10 people to 100 people scale, layout, building five cities of the country’s market make love encryption mobile application security brand.

in the field of security APP, developers as the source of the APP is safe. Wreak havoc, the application of virus cannot rely on simple antivirus to “plug”, must do to protect from the source to the APP, in order to protect the mobile Internet industry healthy and rapid development.

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