Love carpooling: safety carpooling aggregation platform, travel to share mutual benefit of environmental protection

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commuting in the field of travel has been occupying a large market, in the field of commuting, choose public transport, such as bus subway is too crowded, choose the personal services, such as taxi is too expensive, and it is difficult to get a taxi. Travel on public transport and taxi way still exist between the middle market, the cost is lower than a taxi in this area, and not as crowded as the bus subway and time-consuming. Carpooling is the taxi, car rental software after trying again and again and again. Compared with 1.1 million car of the taxi industry, has more than 85 million vehicles, private car ownership is hidden a larger market potential and imagination. Now love carpooling has covered the national 23 major cities such as guangzhou, hangzhou, north to residents living in these cities and to experience this economic and convenient car-sharing travel new way of life.

traditional carpooling three main points, the first is the original spontaneous carpool group, and the second is the classification of carpool information on the website, the third is based on the community of QQ group, efficiency is very low.

mobile Internet developed, is bound to bring the daily life of people all aspects of the lower cost of living and the improvement of quality, travel and also have their own exploration, gradually changing the way people travel.

love carpooling is a carpool APP. In love carpooling, every owner’s identity must be through the steps to clear certification process. After registration, the owner must upload their clear positive pictures, driving license, and car, after approved, will be ready to respond to surrounding carpooling demand.

passengers, can release their own carpooling demand, including travel time, number, starting point and level, which are divided into economy, comfort and luxury car. At the same time, the passengers can see the cost estimation in the reservation. Love carpooling released passenger line will be automatically matching and pushed to the owner of the nearby, the owner can choose according to their own situation after single or don’t pick up. Once got a single owner rob, passengers will get the driver’s driving experience, car, license plate number, the information such as credit evaluation. Drivers also calls and validation of passenger demand, then passengers can set his mind at to waiting for car travel.

love car pool in positioning the user know that people don’t exclude the stranger under the mobile Internet, there is a social desire and tendency to social groups. Short of carpool generally in the circle of drivers and passengers, similarity of living environment in the carpool easily. On the way to make friends, in a traffic jam when someone to chat, and long-distance carpooling makes long road is no longer boring, carpooling and penetrating idea to make friends, a good combination of demand points.

“living in Beijing, the traffic is more and more congestion and smog is more and more serious, the road car is racing this very not economic” 80%, love carpooling CEO Chen said. Second, for individuals, including oil prices, parking fees are higher, overhead costs increase, the owners of private cars can reduce travel expenses, is willing to try to join. In addition, the limit of number prevented many private car owners in the days of a specific car, this part also partly helped transport demand.

love sharing three partners are from alibaba, has many years of experience in ali, and also has a rich experience in the field of Internet and mobile Internet, grasp in product direction, development and promotion have mature consideration.

last year around December 30, Beijing introduced a passenger car synthetic rules to specify the owners of private cars to spread oil fee not for-profit carpooling, has legitimacy. In addition, carpooling security concern is always a carpool.

first of all, all the drivers are through strict verification, and the passenger’s id card number input system, and complete payment system review system, can reduce the risk of travel, it also can improve the owner’s trust and passengers. All transactions are online trading and payment, if true, will love carpooling will return money to the passengers or the driver.

in the future, the concept of public resources more widely, sharing economy more penetration, although the car have the properties of private property, but a huge waste of space has led to economic and social transformation, waste of resources is the development of the society shortcomings, already wave for private cars parked, sell spare space, later will not be too difficult. Love carpooling will continue efforts to create economic, environmental protection to reduce the private cars, the road to reduce emissions and relieve traffic congestion at the same time, both drivers and passengers and win-win economic.

Love carpooling

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