Love: a stranger social applications based on activity

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love activity is a stranger social applications, with interest in social applications such as micro poly, love activities based on LBS + user label information and browsing history, intelligent recommendation for the user at present, the latest and hottest, and near the activities. Cut into the stranger social applications on group activities, so as to make friends, the main “similar social activity, there will always be around.” Promoting on the basis of interest, in activities as the carrier of the young people community interaction mode.

love activity characteristics, information on the basis of the information (time, place, etc.) + activity information such as main features, activities, benefits, let the user to find “like-minded people” activities as the carrier. Doing so might make dating more pure and purposeful, lest be Momo class booty call tool.

besides love instant messaging, allow users to online communication, and the organizers let users online cognitive with activity, the user returns online form a circle on the offline activities, to make friends. So in love active users can find not only, also can find the people in the same interest with you, and near the circle “, find the same friends, to join a circle of love. Let users with active condensed interpersonal relationship, form a circle and group.

love activities also matching the user’s phone directory (for example, I can find to contacts are in use in the love of friends and they set up the label, or invite friends to join), making it easy for users to friends on the screening of real interest. Setting of user data in addition to the more conventional past friend contacts, friends, fans, circles, and activities and management of subject, love activities joined the personal photo albums and card plate, making it easy for users to better show yourself, make new friends.

of course, the user can create activities and discussion topics on love activity groups. Cloud network editing experience products, hunting launched, the user must upload activity posters, activity posters display the application home page will contain the information such as name, date, the originator. Before have launched a campaign on douban, but participants are often not ideal, but love activity feature is you can use “system intelligence to” function, to help users find people to attend.

cloud network attention to hunting, the application of the module has a “star venue” plate “discovery”, but not yet online. Current activities existing hundreds of thousands of registered users, love angel round team has won one million yuan.

love activities are activities (Beijing) international culture media co., LTD., its products, his is a angel investors, in gaoyao, founder is Ren Xi now 51:2642 world education group (the first in liaoning province to carry out the overseas study, immigration, go abroad for business professional consultancy) chairman of the board of directors.

Company: love activities (Beijing) international culture media co., LTD.
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