Loup: let you spend the price of the bus and treatment experience of private cars

no crowded bus kung fu, Chinese people but a world class. Old beauty not za this skill, but they have a car service. This article take you know car company Loup services – allows you to enjoy the treatment of the private cars with bus money.

first of all, I want to poke fun at San Francisco’s public transportation, it is pit to cannot bear, so go out I use a taxi Uber and Lyft applications.

the bus was so hot and dirty, the subway system and inconvenient, auto service naturally become a popular new options. But you can fantasize that fixed car services like public transportation routes, price is low? Don’t fantasy, Loup company emerging company (San Francisco) was doing it, right now, it has a $1.5 million in seed money.

Loup service between private services and public transportation, like Uber, Lyft users can ordering by application. Loup car, as well as public transportation to and from a fixed route. Companies to cooperate with local car, lease their black car passenger, per trip driving motor company take 20% of the profits.

it’s the first line is similar to San Francisco of 30 x road, from Marina in commuting time take the staff to the Financial District. The route passenger volume is big, is a focal point of many emerging companies, Chariot and Leap Transit will start from here.

Abtin Rostamian (company founder and chief executive officer) in said in an interview, “30 x line created company.” He recalls his early to San Francisco when fortune – crowded bus to and from work every day, often crowded don’t go up.

he said “the advantage of the bus route is clear.” Although the arrival time is not necessarily accurate, but overall is good.

Loup to arrive on time, the relative freedom in route, allow the according to the requirement of the user or road conditions make minor changes. Of course sometimes will change the route of all day, because the construction needs to go.

the company’s system can be flexible to accept a new car. Although the black car is carrying three people at first, but the schedule is more large capacity car, it is very easy.

Rostamian said: “our job is to maximize meet the demand of the customer’s car.” But he declined to disclose the company’s existing car number or what are the company.

Loup’s goal is to replace public transport, it emphasizes that car service more than the benefits of work. Many of the people who use UberX or Lyft application in go to work or go to the store can take Loup car on the way. Loup now price is $2.5 to 6 bus, that price is enough with UberX or Lyft service competition. The Chariot (user commuters to use buses) fee is $4. The price of the Loup depending on the number of reservation.

company, according to other companies had hired professional drivers, to review their background and remind them to keep distance with bus station.

the company has a lot of support, the founder of its money from Twitter, Evan Williams, IDG Ventures, Greg Tseng, Enrique Salem, Brian Lee, Barney Pell, Alex Mehr, Shayan Zadeh, Kai Huang, Ali Moiz, Binh Tran and Adeyemi Ajao and other companies.

Loup was founded in San Francisco in 2014, the founders are Aptin Rostamian and Jimmy Ku.

Source: VB

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