Loss of 230 billion, SONY solution failure?

cloud network hunting on September 26,

on September 17, SONY performance correction announcement shows that because of the mobile communication business remains sluggish, expected its fiscal 2014 net loss to the expected 50 billion yen to 230 billion yen, or about 13.1 billion yuan.

SONY will take layoffs and cancel the bonuses and other means to deal with the current crisis. In this year, SONY has not been profitable for seven years.

this is not make a person plaint, what is wrong with SONY, SONY solution fails?

as businesses, SONY is little short board, its industrial design let jobs are admired, not to mention the rich as SONY samsung product line. But why has such advantage of SONY’s failure, but in the era of smartphones compared not only difficult to apple, samsung, even beat many other peripheral manufacturers, has always been to three line away.
Company internal conservatism and internal friction is SONY’s life.

SONY is a big enterprise, for making major decisions, often wary relationship enterprise survival, this is not a bad thing, but in this rapidly changing market, wait and hesitation is often means losing. Already made a leading epoch-making technology into all plain boiled water, let the consumer feel boring. SONY technology selection on a slow and procrastination is breathtaking, either in the age of four dual-core SOC, was recently that two generations of flagship using IPS screen, are far behind his competitors. It’s not reminiscent of ShangShi the VHS in the 80 s, leading by panasonic SONY played no strike back, eventually making VHS become the standard of home video. A few years later, SONY has had to in the camp the opponent and become a member of the army of VHS standard.

SONY is more like a components suppliers, to the best of never rob resources with the client. The latest and greatest products fully dedicate service customers. But their products were indeed only rely on technological design, this also is a niche market. More like yourself in an effort to improve the image and the platform for the customer.

SONY’s department is numerous, the most profitable business or game and image, such as the Walkman, PSP, PSV, PS one to four generations, SONY cameras and other products. But the emergence of smartphone changed all that, music, video, gaming capabilities of smartphone to SONY’s product line has brought great pressure. There are quite a few pink dream if SONY solution fully open, the resources and technology integration to a mobile phone, so in the world who another day.

indeed, do so, the SONY absolute level products can launch a dream. But SONY didn’t do it, why? Technical difficulties? No, because SONY internal friction, such as SONY pictures department doesn’t want to spend too much energy to improve SONY mobile phone camera, 20.7 million pixels while parameters invincible, but the actual imaging effect in general, 4 k camera can only stick to a few minutes. Because if the phone camera is too good, will affect the sales of camera. Internal factional competition, blocking the line of sight of SONY, makes it not spend heavily on foreign energy.

innovation than apple, beat samsung technology, lower cost than Chinese firms, so SONY, cannot fail to lose?

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