Looop, make not to let employees sleepy internal training platform

employees in the company can arrange some training course after taking office, help to understand the company’s internal operations, improve staff quality, improve the work efficiency. However dull training seminars and lengthy email always let employees with passive, training results are often not as good as expected.

Looop by Ben Muzzell and Daniel is a Gray and founded a small company in Australia, seize the enterprise training market, Looop launched for mobile users the freedom to choose, online training application of the operation is simple, get good grades. Recently announced Looop get up to $1.8 million from investors anonymously, log in the UK market is one of the following strategic objectives.

Looop so-called “learning management system”, it can be used as one of enterprise management tools. Like SuccessFactors and Oracle ‘s Taleo, Looop aims to change the way past the boring, the pursuit of different forms of training, the operator of the training content will be presented in a variety of interesting way, such as a TED talk on YouTube video, or golden share, company executives or design interesting quiz, etc. Looop also real-time training to the staff of the enterprise, employees in response to a question, the built-in evaluation system will continue to feedback on the employee’s training results.

Looop adopt mobile convenient design, make the enterprise employees can anytime, anywhere access to the required training materials. Looop co-founder Ben Muzzell evaluation to this way: “although the enterprise will create a platform, to provide staff training resources such as product parameter table or image data, but this is not a popular among employees and flexible and effective platform. And Looop results tall and customizable, just meeting the needs of enterprises in training, not inferior, compared with other similar applications.

it is worth mentioning that Looop is not limited to the scope of application of training, it can also be used to send updates to the customer’s information. Recent Looop an Android version of the application, in the UK market actively and expansion in a planned way, the app will soon meet in America market and iOS users, over the next 12 months will publish a special API, can say Looop this time it was prepared and look forward to in the end it desirable.

Source: VB

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