Looking smartphone 2015: life and death “shuffle”

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2014 mobile phone market, has to leave also have new, the main tone is inheritance and improvement , overall a bit dull. 2014 mobile phone industry trough, fight wars, imitation plagiarism and so on. Still has not 2014, we are looking forward to the emergence of disruptive innovation, or even how many exciting places, maybe we are looking forward to already beyond the speed of the development of science and technology at the present stage, that we are looking forward to, to have passion. But we always want to be able to have the appearance of disruptive innovation, always want to be able to have the manufacturer bring us scream, amazing. We can only change the expected in 2015. 2015, I think the mobile phone market will not let us down. Too many manufacturers need to prove himself in 2015 took power product. About 2015 mobile phone market advocate tone, I think is awakening and innovation. Year comes, please allow me to do read a outlook 2015 mobile phone industry.

one, life and death watersheds, WP 2015, rise or fall?

three mobile operating system market share has been the dust settles, mobile operating system in the market share on the history of the PC era, and name just sit above the top of Google rather than Microsoft; In ten thousand the second apple is immovable; The absolute dominance of Microsoft and the PC era can only in the era of mobile operating system using WP system struggling to pursue, in order to keep the third place.

plot turn too fast, so everyone also very attention to WP can rise. The trend of the past year looking I will say “this year will be the rise of WP year”, but the cruel reality always fills in my face. 2015 again, for prediction of WP, I want to say is the 2015 WP, perhaps will be a life and death of WP watershed; In between life and death, WP10 plays a decisive role.

2014, Microsoft’s new CEO after a series of change. And on the WP OS is assembled to woo a big push friend join WP camp; Announced the WP OS free; Released WP phone quick reference design; Completed for nokia devices and services trade, and made a series of adjustment, released Microsoft the company mobile phone brand; Released the first Microsoft the company mobile phone the company 535, originally is the most distinctive feature of the WP all his heavyweight application to Android and iOS (and experience and function than their own platform), in an effort to keep Microsoft applications are everywhere.

the above 2014, Microsoft WP is mixed, said xi is buy nokia devices and services that Microsoft has a high degree of integration of hard and soft power, can make a real competitive flagship product, and WP ecological have more partners; Said sorrow is, according to IDC expects global smartphone shipments will reach 1.3 billion units in 2014, and Microsoft’s market share is less than 3%, compared with the same period 2013 market share decline; WP ecological compared with Android and iOS are still large gaps between; And more dangerous opening-up strategy, let WP original belong to buy exclusive experience (in) other places can also be easily, and partial application experience is better. This causes originally on ecological weak WP system attraction further to fall. In this mixed, need for Microsoft in 2015 with his new Win10 operating system to create a flagship product of WP to prove himself in the mobile market is still competitive; And to attract consumers and application developers into WP camp. And new Win10 operating system compared to 2015, the latest Android and iOS system have enough bright spot, will become the WP and whether Microsoft will continue to watershed in the mobile ecosystem.

2, a new era of hard and soft – manufacturer of complete test and innovation

2014 in apple, fingerprint identification in Android producers have horse; The Android camp for people first and 2 k screen also has use. But the entire mobile phone market is still 2014 trough point, window is quite little, innovation.

2015 strongest with qualcomm Xiao dragon processor 810 series of shipment; Android 5.0 to 64 times, 4 g high running memory, mature 2 k and curved surface screen screen, sapphire glass, and so on. And the arrival of the new hardware in 2014 silent for a time of nuclear war is likely to reignite war, like running with a portion of the domestic certainly willing to in the chip performance, memory and so on hardware parameters on the news.

the upstream suppliers with high performance chip, high memory, running high pixels and the arrival of the better solution, and the Android 5.0 prepared a 64 – bit operating system, innovation may be a stranger will open in 2015. Pictures, hardware, application how these innovation and can play out sparks, please forgive me, I can’t imagine, but what is certain is that absolutely surprise than more than 2014.

at the same time, the test mobile phone manufacturers supply chain controls the market capacity and market influence of the time. Who can use these products first, is for the vendor to supply chain control ability and market influence the best proof.

three, I speak for themselves – the awakening of a prove

2014, samsung shengshi danger; Apple design have been teasing, system Bug now; Microsoft and lenovo complete separate acquisition; Millet millet phone is core hardware products meizu MX4 easing the bit in series; HTC, SONY still troubled, the legacy. 2014 everyone filled, this tone to 2015 don’t spit. In 2015, apple can point to a slot? Zero in on samsung S6 whether in high-end thrive tied with the apple? Microsoft, Microsoft can the company new flagship innovation and mysterious with apple and a machine composed of all the Android stand out in the sea; To hold up the WP system banner? Lenovo’s motorcycle and whether can realize regression, lead the association to overseas, impact on the high-end market? HTC, SONY can pull out the cloud sky? And home-made millet whether can change the declining trend of millet 4, let millet may continue to have a fever, become the domestic the strongest? After the meizu MX4 Pro, 2015 and will continue to easing the bit in how Pro millet; After fully imitate attack with millet, meizu can be looking forward to? 360 & amp; A great god can stir up domestic market? Shut up the old can carefully study the T2 and accepted by the market? And established the coupling Vivo, OPPO cool and will compete with what attitude? 2015, really too many too many manufacturers want to prove himself, to prove myself. Prove that he is still very competitive. And to complete this certificate, need to show the manufacturer an ace under the reasonable allocation of resources, with the legendary weapons of China; They need a great awakening in 2015, with 2015 new products are needed to make a beautiful turnaround.

4, the new semester, the domestic have to pay the tuition fee – patent war

2014, domestic made proud achievements, the firewood flame high market share from domestic manufacturers combined beyond samsung and LG, to become the world’s first; Huawei, millet and associations in the smartphone market share is second only to samsung, apple, Millet, a new manufacturers such as sesame development now rising, entering overseas markets, and get good grades. But with the arrival of the new semester, 2015 domestic patent should be in overseas markets also have to pay some fees. At the end of 2014, millet, one plus a patent in succession crisis abroad, eat to ban (now seems to have transfer) again, but everything is just the beginning; This began to said the two aspects. One is in the overseas market to encounter patent litigation not only millet, a plus; Other devises the domestic, the overseas markets also get prepared; One is the prosecution of domestic manufacturers certainly not only Ericsson, perhaps other patent giant way to write the letter is sent from domestic manufacturers. For patents, patent quality is not high for many domestic and overseas market of 2015, the tuition fee. At home, it seems that also can smell patent wat cloud, compared with domestic, owns many established domestic patent huawei, zte cool how could miss the chance.

five, from mobile phones to wearable devices

wearable device for spring is said for many years, but seems to be spring hibernate. There has been no, and with the three major operating system configuration is perfect, the three systems on behalf of the product Apple Watch, Moto 360, Microsoft bracelets Microsoft Band, and various kinds of wearable devices in 2014 turn, maybe belong to wearable devices in 2015 spring is really coming. This one belongs to the future of billions of market, perhaps will really open in 2015.

6, mobile information security become a new hotspot

since the snowden events, information security has become a universal attention topic, privacy protection has been the attention; In 2014, the relevant security events are also much more special, millet involved in Taiwan “collect user privacy, back to the mainland” server problems, always play safe brand by the end of domestic cell phone cool had entered the back door. While apple up yan zhao door event is more attention by the whole world. In national information security and privacy protection will become more and more attention today, urge each again, don’t touch the red line again. In 2015, many manufacturers will certainly hit security card this buy.


– seven, the mobile phone market fashion which strong fight war, imitation plagiarism, stunt?

imitation plagiarism and fight wars is an age-old question. 2014, fight wars no less; The wind of imitation plagiarism. Stunt which is strong? Chapter 1799 pornographic and destroy the meizu millet, millet, meizu, lenovo, large coke have imitated plagiarism by poking fun at the broken iPhone 6. In 2015, the fashion question I think that the mobile phone market will be more serious. Force war: the first is dead following the arrival of the artillery Zhou Hongyi in red, the domestic mobile phone market the most basic is one of the qi, the security problem increasingly prominent today, weeks hierarch security card will certainly played loud and clear, and other domestic return must also is wonderful; And millet meizu incompatible trend in 2015 along with the meizu comprehensive attack, estimate two is already making. And other domestic giant, nature was down all possible. The 2015 fight wars will be hot box office if made into a film. Say that finish fight wars, imitation again to talk about plagiarism. In 2014, domestic imitation copy lets a person cannot bear to look at, whether design or product name, full of lane fortress, let a person look at no point of lu. But I think that in 2015, to pick up cheap accustomed to the domestic, it is difficult to see a free change. And comparable SLR, can take the Milky Way, disruptive innovation and so on language not astonishing die endlessly claimed that stunt, in 2014 the domestic market, in 2015, nature also cannot little. The only suspense just stunt technology which is strong?

8, hardware, free time will come?

maybe we was born in a good time, can use very cheap price can buy a smartphone, and with the red rice millet and meizu spirit’s blue. They did two things: one is the machine age bringing smartphones to one thousand yuan, up one thousand yuan is a machine in the class. This allows us to experience in 2015 to one thousand yuan of better machine with more possible. Rumors and millet are preparing to sell for as little as 399 models, thus it can be seen 2015 one thousand yuan machine market prices will bottom again. Perhaps $one thousand machine market 2015 hardware is likely to be in free time.

note: read write 2015 mobile phone industry outlook and see the upcoming innovations and war, really excited for 2015 mobile phone market. 2015, really wonderful!

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