Look from Scott aside O2O BAT “enclosure”

this paper hunting cloud network readers submit

since July gold into ali UC mobile enterprise group, the industry has been on the sidelines, the pioneer of mobile Internet ucweb CEO how to lead the gold ‘efforts. Released two months later, ucweb CEO Scott combined strategy, for the first time that the future will focus on the user demand, focus on doing the best map navigation products, focus on the map navigation technology research and development of products, three years with no commercial purpose.

you can also see it as between the BAT and the declaration of a “frame”. Is very special, Scott launched “you dare to use, I dare to compensate” policy, to the general user commitment: if you use gold map navigation error, Scott will give the compensation. Don’t do O2O and comments at this stage, don’t do group purchase navigation, is directed at the enemy baidu.

the in the face of the user’s mobile phone map market, gold and baidu is neck and neck, well ahead of other competitors. In the bottom of the map data market, gold and four dimensional figure new constitute absolute duopoly, accounts for more than 90% of the share. In the two planes, both scenes.

BAT world war front is numerous, the map has become one of the important. Real-time situation: Scott and baidu is dead device, ali in constant to Scott reload, tencent in leisurely, but also is not pure play soy sauce, a stake in four dimensional figure new, become a big variables.

rob data, spelling applications

on May 10, 2013 gold announced the alibaba stake, pull open the prelude to the war of the BAT map. After the “big three” bet. Baidu soon had their own map supplier long ten thousand, tencent to buy another figure business ling navigation theory. Have at least one figure, the in the mind don’t panic.

with ali first admission, the input, the largest investment is easy to figure as early as 2010. In February to nasdaq-listed Scott issued a tender offer, submit to Scott. Only 18 days later, another with grade a qualification of surveying and mapping navigation electronic map of the major issues of the four dimensional diagram of listed companies announced new suspension, sasac approved four dimensional figure new largest shareholder China four dimensions to a 11.28% stake in public solicitation means of contract transfer, tencent invested $1.2 billion into the four-dimensional figure new the second largest shareholder.

take-off is on baidu baidu map of life: life service, baidu to robin li, down to the ordinary employees, service to the local life. Baidu map under a lot of determination, one years team from 200 to 1000, internal project decision-making mechanism also soon. A project at the same time the two teams do, do not phased directly, is baidu internal department of the “Wolf”. But also by netizens as not map navigation is “group-buying navigation”.

with baidu in the opposite direction, strategy of the new gold, at this stage don’t do O2O, don’t do group purchase navigation. Shelve commercialized, means that the gold in the field of O2O many layout adjustment again. Focus on innovation closely related to LBS. Believe that over the next decade, LBS business would profoundly change everyone’s life, make life radius is bigger, the density higher. This is Scott’s vision.

tencent micro map development is slow, and baidu, is definitely not in the same order of magnitude, about 10 million users, 500000 active users. After the docking with the WeChat, Yi Xun business, tencent map will be released for catering, real estate, and other vertical industry industry map component, convenient for small and medium-sized enterprise users and developers to access. Tencent map is another big main street view service. SOSO map 2013 so-called on the street in 1 billion, aims to cover 100 cities around the world.

top and bottom of dialectics

ucweb CEO, each in upper and lower body metaphor user data capacity and production capacity, product that enterprises should be both the map data, be short of one cannot. To achieve this standard on the market at present, only the gold. After 12 years of growth, gold is the most professional, covering applications, cloud services, software, data, map makers industries such as the whole chain of the Internet. “Friend, is not short of data ability, is the lack of product capacity, incomplete.”

in BAT map war on many Allies. Content providers is an important part of the camp, and the younger brother and three series of subtle recruit. According to people who have an O2O from line public comments and Scott, baidu and SOSO have access, three attitude of each different.

cooperation with baidu map is “6”, the public comment on fear baidu will grab his user evaluation in the past, will not fully open. And not enough review information, baidu will not be able to push users to buy formation, then baidu and pay for his own comments. And public comments on access SOSO map, information is more comprehensive. Ali in gold, after the public comments on gold docking map state of mind may have a change.

and tencent’s acquisition of four dimensional figure new must be the greatest influence baidu, baidu maps of the underlying data need to new buy four dimensional diagram. The second largest shareholder himself to the four-dimensional figure new purchasing related data.

Gao Deyou piece of income is called “enterprises and government services”, will sell the underlying data from tencent, Google this type of enterprise. Tencent every year to buy gold before the underlying data. After ali, gold with tencent services remain the basis of cooperation, but, according to tencent internal gould’s 3 d data have not to sell the company. Is to buy same data, four dimensional figure new also won’t because tencent is the second largest shareholder will not sell data to baidu map, more won’t sell it to two different data.

application and data of two pieces of leather, can have the above problems. So it is better to list one. The mobile Internet, just as its name implies, the relevant position. Social network, various kinds of about gun artifact of what, I also used a, nature also closely related and location, so about LBS imaginary space, has always been a “more force than force frames (iPhone6 plus slogan: bigger than bigger)”. But LBS are still poor.

there are a variety of reasons, one of the most important, is the lack of big data, especially the underlying data accumulation. , of course, there are some LBS services to the accuracy requirement of the underlying data is broad, but to make a killer application, and support the whole LBS over the growth of explosion, Rome was not built in a day.

map and profound, the subject, in a nutshell, map data through different layers described, through the layer stack to express the actual space. Can be divided into reproduction, POI data (geographic coordinates), or other data layer data (common traffic graph, the three dimensional figure, a street map. Specialized in some areas with complex figure and the temperature distribution, business circle, hydrological figure, etc.). Map data applications, a large number of professional application and data, the acquisition method, source is multifarious also, hard to do.

baidu buy, Gao Dezao. The effectiveness of the two strategies currently appears to be equal. Industry has been technically is layered, through standardized interfaces, the bottom can be used as a “black box” operation, save the collection of high cost, but from the perspective of customers in field, also blocked “live” the complexity of the devil and profits are hidden in these details.

British scientists recently conducted an experiment in which let the taxi driver a virtual drive on the street, at the same time its brain magnetic resonance imaging. Can be observed in different scenarios, the brain will occur complex activities. An interesting conclusion is that the taxi drivers tend to have larger hippocampus, the area of spatial orientation cognition play an important role. Buddies for years through the streets of Britain, have taken place in the brain evolved, more “direction” than most people. Movie “suddenly turn hostile,” John travolta played the FBI director of subordinates roared: “do you believe the satellite billions of dollars, I only believe informant ten dollars!”

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