Look at wuzhen net matter from Google into China

cloud network hunting on November 27 (text/glide editor/water Yan)

close to a period of time, by lenovo’s purchase of MOTOROLA, Nexus6 in domestic distribution of Google Play a new action at the same time. In a Google electronic wallet options added “(CN) of the People’s Republic of China”.

this for China’s small and medium-sized developers, is definitely good news. Google’s China account can be used again, will attract more developers and users. As overseas developers no longer need to post the application on Google Play, developers earnings will be more convenient.

in the exit after four years of the Chinese market, Google into China again, let the home fans feel excited with people on the part of the industrial chain. Way to ponder, and into China from all aspects of the trend and the related time “coincidence”, Google by lenovo le suitable laws and policies of the domestic market, to the action in China at this time.

into a global village of today, the market order of our country is still not as good as abroad is obvious.

all cannot appeal policy makes administrative cycle is too long, according to the laws is a headache for the foreign companies are one thing, greatly reduces the foreign companies to enter China’s enthusiasm. For Google, then into China still needs some help lenovo channel, and after into China, these foreign advanced market value and could be spent in various comprador mode.

for foreign companies, the business can’t normal operation is under water. For China, the loss of advanced technology and management experience of injection can lead to a disconnection between the domestic market and foreign market. Who are not willing to see it.

from 6 years of Google for the first time from failure since the search business into China, he is good at Google in China is a bumpy road.

but not just Google, many international companies in China have to stumble. On international amazon neither dead nor alive in the greater China region, the inner strength of Facebook for the Chinese market is also wary of value has been said, but no real action.

we are familiar with Microsoft, apple, although better development in China, but also far less than the same period of foreign markets. Both a is in the last century has entered the China already laying a foundation, a has always been not formally entered China. This kind of situation is very common, which makes all kinds of intentions of the National People’s Congress about what “market racial discrimination”. Is drunk, like others looked at glistening silver is not willing to make.

from several cases, failure and success of international companies want to make money in the greater China region, if there is no background can say really difficult. In the case of export policy gradually good, even desperately to domestic companies market in foreign countries. On a number of Chinese brands in the international market and have won a good reputation, but these Chinese brand for their own markets have deep fear .

and the Google into China, is also a learning experience from Microsoft, he found a lenovo the mess, in case of problems with their own business.

but this situation to finally to China’s own disadvantage, even if again big China market influence, foreign companies can also control on the industrial chain through the hand of the market, thus to restrain . Google the top company can go out of China, but the domestic smartphone market absolute lack of Google.

and if it did not out of China, China’s millions of developers will rely on the android platform, has made millions in the international market full ? But China has missed the chance. Missed more than that in China a market catfish.

policy is greater than the law, thus caused the market chaos. So, take some necessary specifications measures standardize the market rules, fair competition opportunity for the international advanced company, stimulate some foreign companies active into the domestic market, actively participate in the competition, so as to activate the domestic market, the domestic market gradually caught up with the pace of the international market.

another way, China wants to flush with the international market, need to open up the whole industry chain docking with the international market for equality, allowing Chinese companies to replacement to the same industry resources, so that they can in the same starting line.

the traditional open hardware industry chain has made no small achievement, but about software to the Internet, due to the particularity of its publicity, the government has been strictly limited. And the “wuzhen” net matter, the government also released positive attitude from the side.

maybe in the future the government may also be a white list of examination and approval process for operation. May let the people on the part of industry chain information transparency. In the era of the great data has arrived? Who knows.

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