Long bond digital President xiang-dong zhang to leave Entrepreneurship aim at bike

hunting cloud network evening news on October 20,

digital announced today that listed companies in the United States long bond xiang-dong zhang resignation entrepreneurship, xiang-dong zhang then personal announced in the related fields of bicycle for entrepreneurship.

long bond company said in a news release, xiang-dong zhang will continue to provide service for long bond digital as an adviser. In addition, the long bond digital also announced the appointment of writer’s block hisoft, vice President, compliance executive Zou Xiangguang independent directors to the company. The appointment to take effect on October 20, 2014.
Xiang-dong zhang then said in a news release in their own circle of friends, in the field of bicycle related to entrepreneurship. In his farewell letter, he said, “I don’t want to be loved a bicycle”. People who know him know, have a passion for cycling.

it is not clear the details of his entrepreneurial ideas, but in an interview with some media said, “surely not I developed a cycling use of APP, or to open a bike shop, I designed a bicycle or anything like this, not that simple.”

as a co-founder xiang-dong zhang in 2003 launched long bond with Deng Yujiang common digital, and worked as a President Deng Yujiang ceos. After ten years of development, in November 2013, successfully listed on nasdaq. But the recent spate of its 3 g portal business is going through layoffs downsizing. On the 17th of this month, the company announcement said, will the company’s 3 g business portal implementation of about 100 people accounted for 12% of the company’s total number of downsizing plan, to allocate resources, strengthen and expand the GO series application platform.

here are xiang-dong zhang farewell letter full text:

I don’t want to be loved bicycle

today, I will say goodbye to the long digital bond.

ten years ago, he is strong and I founded the company. Today, the original goal is still far, but there are three things that worth our pride:

1. The earliest state digital business 3 g portal, is the starting point of the mobile Internet in China.

2. The long bond GO series application for digital is the first Chinese users worldwide Internet products and the globalization of Chinese Internet companies from then on.

3. The long bond digital is the world’s first mobile Internet companies listed in the United States.

ten years, he is strong, reflected from classmates to brother and me. Ten years, thousands of enthusiastic young people are together colleagues, long bond is our common bond. This experience for me, precious, in my blood. I will always be a member of the long bond digital, if there is critical, and mountains, thousands of difficult resistance will also go to come back; We also are best friends forever, at any time to meet, I will open my arms to give you a big hug.

at the moment, I also firmly believe, now more than ever before yu strong team, must have reached a and a new level!

however, you know, I love bike too much.

started seven years ago, I choose a continent each year the best route to go riding, bike let me explore the world, also let I found myself. Especially this year after I had finished my short flight, hear their own inner voice.

every time come to fate cross the road, I have to ask yourself, what is the reason for choosing.

this time, only one reason: I don’t want to be loved – bicycle prove that there is only one kind of love the way, that is to pay for it, do something for it. Isn’t it?

yes, the next stage, I will start the third around the bike business.

there’s a phrase said like this:

Life is like riding a bicycle: you don ‘t fall off unless you stop pedaling.

(life is like riding, so I wouldn’t fall, don’t stop cadence.)

this time, my love for myself continue to boot:)

friends, goodbye!

xiang-dong zhang

On October 20,


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