Logitech K480, at the same time, share the keyboard for PC, tablet, mobile phone

for individuals, in communication or the use of multiple devices are becoming more common. Once upon a time, is the most affordable desktop, after is a laptop, and now is the tablets and smartphones. Logitech, found that the same person will use multiple computing devices, and this is a very large market cake.

your Logitech K480 keyboard hope able to communicate by providing convenient to replace all of the keyboard. You only need to turn the dial and you can use any equipment.

there is a premise that every device must have bluetooth connection, but it should be essential characteristics. You simply hold down the button to match the device, and then put your no keyboard device in Logitech K480 keyboard support, or put the wireless keyboard near the PC. Turn the dial to the correct Numbers can start typing. The keyboard support for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, almost covers all you may use the equipment.

K480 keyboard can only three paired devices at a time, but it is easy to replace the equipment. As for the battery, the keyboard is equipped with two AAA batteries (equipped) in the box, Logitech claimed that can last 2 years. The biggest default in 10 meters range and bluetooth.

K480 keyboard price is not expensive, sells for $50, a black, yellow, white or gray color. If you usually at home at the same time use of smartphones and tablet computers, so it can be regarded as a good investment. But I think, for PC users, they prefer to the traditional keyboard, especially the people who need long-term typing.


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