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social acquaintances are eaten by QQ, WeChat the platform level products, but young people not only stay in acquaintances social social demand, stranger social demand is also very strong. After the current 85 to 85, and even the younger generation, they grew up in contact with the mobile Internet, their understanding of the world and through the social platform to let the world know their demand is very strong, for these people, the most need to care about is not the product shape, but the understanding of them are in place.

LOFTER is a way of promoting along with the gender record in interest for social point of social products, users can easily find like-minded people. By Posting photos, text, music, video, realize the daily record, sharing, interactive content.

the similar interests as the starting point of social product actually has a lot of, also like them, nice, post bar, watercress, weibo, Momo, even video website bilibili in shunt target users, target users in time. Compared with other interested in social products, LOFTER has more concise and easy to use label system, can quickly will LOFTER through focus on relationships and labels, divided into innumerable interest in circles, and have more beautiful display interface. LOFTER in photography, illustration, design, and other areas of the original of the subsoil for the community to precipitate a large number of domestic best quality and the content of the original user.

in addition, the LOFTER also through the following details to attract users:

1, the default found page “subject” column, the first column shows the user the current community widely participate in topics of discussion, these huge topic, ground life record, anime secondary yuan to discuss, has a specific theme image collection, participate in thousands of measured points minutes, some amount of topics involved in even more than 5 w, the user is keen on this way to send the boredom and loneliness, find people who have resonance.

2, “near” column, allows users to easily find the good around, let the social interest beyond the line. This is LOFTER recently several versions have been optimized functions, hope this based on geographic location to explore new features, become help literature youth meet like-minded people, interest circles bulk tool.

3, “brand” is the latest version of an exploration. Brand is like the air everywhere. Every day we contact, use and consumption to the many brands, brands constitute the life also influenced us, the new program is designed to can from another dimension record life and express themselves. Each brand label has brought together under the fan community users and their associated with the brand of a large number of high-quality content, as long as you are interested in this brand, you can search to the latest developments of those brands here, and these content usually come from fans have the same interests and hobbies rather than businesses.

LOFTER senior team is a group of different interest after 85’s youth. Have circles the kind of photographer, senior product planning, brand design background with music playing rock and roll, all kinds of festival charting, understand life love journey “charge”, there are also proficient in clothing collocation, fashionable beauty makeup information soft sister, love of painting, mixed European and American movie fan coil secondary yuan greatly, and watching drama, collect movie posters, adjustable a cocktail on the self drink at ordinary times literary youth… The whole team is a love, love life family.

2011 is affected by the wave of mobile Internet, netease blog active growth is slowing down, the original way of blog is becoming more and more heavy, content of liquidity is relatively weak. Netease blog team to find this issue more portable, share more easily, and more suitable for mobile operation way of records.

on November 10, LOFTER added a Chinese name “happiness”, which marked the beginning LOFTER transformation do a accepted by more and more young people interest in popular social products. As a goal, LOFTER move more focus to the product side.


company: netease company


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