Local inventory: TOP15 more than $1 billion valuation of venture companies in China

need to indicate in front of him was, in this paper, from the foreign media science and technology, hunting cloud network with the companies listed below, there are no direct interests relationship. After hunting cloud network editor collating, foreign media inventory under China’s “most valuable startup before 15” data, respectively from the previously reported by domestic media.

was found to be secret, a secret is brought into the grave, has been a traitor betrayed state secrets, and the secrets in startups in China everybody says – valuation. Valuation of the subject in the silicon valley is a way of showing off, in start-up companies in China, however, for this topic is very careful, or carefully will be more accurate. Know themselves because of China’s technology industry is in a rapid copied and then quickly be kicked out of industry, so they even celebrate the new money will also be very careful when his “secret”.

millet is an exception to this is “unprecedented, after” mobile phone maker, was launched in 2011, their first generation product, but is expected to sell 60 million units this year mobile phones, they also plan to will be shipped in 2015 reached 100 million units. In August 2013, millet, founder of lei jun to social media announced: millet in the completion of a new round of financing, the company effective market valuations reached $10 billion, which is another milestone in the history of millet development. At less than a month later, Microsoft millet valuation of $7.2 billion for “needy” – nokia, Finland, the established from 1982 began producing mobile phone manufacturers.

but other Chinese startups is very cautious, they can realize that if you don’t like millet influence of the market, you’d better hold your CARDS. In our further research about the credibility of science and technology of China media rumor, we’ve listed we think is probably the most valuable now domestic 15 startups.

so that we are looking for qualified startup, only pay attention to those who have not been private network technology giant takeover of the listed company. So the UC is excluded, because alibaba bought it; In jingdong after an initial public offering, it is out of our line of sight; Sogou is not, of course, because it is a subsidiary of a major corporation. There’s more. So we are looking for the young, fresh, who also can rapid development, those who are seeking joint ventures to gain greater market share of start-ups. These startups may in a few years can be listed, but don’t expect they can meet investors that was particularly enthusiastic, because in China, every time they have countless competitors doing the same thing, which is now one of the reasons of the loss of market is so high.

here are we draw the most valuable startup chart.

millet : valued at $10 billion in August 2013, financing $350 million

in China, millet has defeated the apple, before the end of the year, if millet beat samsung again, it will become a brother smartphone companies in China. Millet can reach this highly, is they have been the pursuit of cost-effective as a result, they produce the high quality of mobile phone only sell 2000 yuan ($325), millet so open a wave “cost-effective”, also it is because the price, the original HTC, samsung, apple’s customers are all queuing up to buy the millet.

millet and a $10 billion valuation have an entrepreneurial companies in the United States, Dropbox and Snapchat tied.

note: cloud network editor king hunting the latest news shows millet or will be valued at $40 billion in new funding. However, visual millet can’t surpass this year has MOTOROLA with lenovo, in the smartphone market share.

drops a taxi, valued at $3.5 billion in April 2014, financing $120 million

drops a taxi is China’s largest taxi applications, is a decisive factor in promoting this year in the first week of Internet giant tencent invested $100 million for the money, and then the layman micro letter jointly launched the taxi calling service.

it’s biggest rival is alibaba’s quick take a taxi.

Meituan, valued at $3 billion in May, 2014, financing $320 million

China’s market competition is fierce, after its rise, China’s group-buying websites have sprung up move, everyone wants to sell consumption on sale this relatively easy way to get rich. Hundreds every month with the flow of the company to fail. After a battle, only six companies survive, Meituan is among them.

but alibaba’s taobao in China occupy the big part of market share, which to a certain extent, can explain some Internet giant companies is how to suppress startups, it also makes these startups are hard to develop and occupy a place in the market. This makes silicon valley like a child playing games usually simple.

now the group is the leader in the industry, their turnover will be about $20 million a day, but now there is still no news that they have to start preparing, IPO has not officially reported their valuation is much.

stranger stranger, valued at $3 billion in September 2014, financing $42 million

this Chinese dating artifacts may be listed on the first of these startups, devoted to have been rumored last month devoted to raise $300 million, total $3 billion valuation, and ready to be listed in December, but the company did not have official reports, and no file was sent to the SEC.

since the end of 2012, devoted to devoted to user base began rising, the final statistics show that it is now more than 100 million registered users and 52 million monthly active users. From Momo online video advertising and some of the recent new feature, you can see that it is from a dating artifacts to an interest in local social network transformation – perhaps indicate that Momo is seeking a customer business growth in the long run.

public comments, valued at $2 billion in February 2014, financing $550 million

the public comments, shirt-sleeve Yelp list and gaopeng group-buying model, became a new venture company, is now a tencent “manipulation” behind the scenes, it earlier because of an investment to make tencent acquired a 20% stake.

there is no data showed that its new raised on quantity, but rumors adhere to public comments on valuation of about $2 billion now.

easy to transport, valued at $2 billion in September 2014, financing $90 million

easy to transport is a combination of short-term rental and Uber website limousine service, it service in 50 cities (including 7 cities) Uber take a taxi, it has more than its rivals car type and price more broad range of options. The company has a relatively novel taxi booking application is called a taxi millet.

eay, easy to transport, founder and CEO, said in the summer will expand into the United States, soon to speak Chinese service business or tourist.

fast taxi, valued at $1 billion in April 2014, financing is not yet clear

this is a taxi alibaba’s software, it is increasingly fierce alibaba and tencent game in a “piece”.

in April 2013, alibaba first put money into a taxi. Investment in tencent and drops a few weeks later, the taxi ali and a taxi will quickly integrate into the alipay, alipay is alibaba’s mobile wallet application, to provide online payment services.

in order to follow the Uber diversified development model, fast in July this year, has introduced a limousine service related applications.

mushroom street, valued at $1 billion in June, 2014, financing $220 million

the mushroom street is the counterpart of the Pinterest. Just now the mushroom street has guide from the website to electric business platform for transformation.

it raised $200 million in the summer of this year, according to the latest statistics, it has 35 million active users per month, and according to the end of last year, its sales of about $50 million a month.


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