Liu five hours closeted together: large enterprises must die?


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on November 24th afternoon, legend holdings friends invited me to a small activities, did not show up for Mr Liu and 10 entrepreneurs and media people in-law. This is liu accept the longest an interview this year, from the afternoon tea to dinner, for five hours.

just a vacation end of Mr Liu, a little thin, loud as usual. In the Summer Palace, a quaint courtyard, he was sincerely with us what is the purpose of the meeting, the two stories to stimulate the patriarch.

the first thing is the core of the recent legend holdings investment assets of China auto rental successful listing, President of legend holdings Zhu Lina out spoke words, very thorough, legend spread marcom colleagues also very hard, liu took the phone in micro letter friends waiting to see, but why no one put forward Zhu Lina speech.

the second thing is god. On November 17, an article entitled “lenovo broke” appear in the circle of friends, sensational, not only long analysis by a giant lenovo why collapsed overnight, sound and color to describe “liu crying”. Want to know, lenovo group has just been released a few days ago performance, high net profit of innovation, and Mr Yang also spoke on behalf of the Chinese entrepreneurs in the asia-pacific economic cooperation (APEC).

the old site checking: this show? That lenovo do not let more people know. Later, lenovo launched a holding space, liu chuanzhi also wrote a letter to the fans in Mongolia. “Not only to do things, have to let more people know, the great learning”.

before me in the circle of friends to collect old willow questions, concern is the main tone: “lenovo in the era of mobile Internet on earth?” “Liu chuanzhi, why not retire?” And the like. The party, we this help after 70, 70 after facing the “gods”, is not polite, point of view, there is quite a “siege” questions.

the first to speak when I make a tough question: “millet era”, Mr Yang’s old way of thinking clearly, as the legend of the “boss”, what do you think of lenovo group “eldest brother”? There are those who ask: eye watched teenage BAT were worth between $800 to $300 billion, more than thirty years of Ming legend holdings listed will feel avenged? Others questioned: the veteran leader enterprises of the underlying thinking way is it possible to reverse?

finger point to this era of cruel proposition: big companies do not die in the future? Lenovo such giant the critical weapons, could you pick up the Internet, rather than face the weapon of criticism? I put the old point of view is summarized as: calm observation, not blind action; Decisive, bold try. He played two (for example: “how the ship back” and “how does not fear the barefoot shoes”, traditional entrepreneurs realize up must have very long aftertaste, speak is “rich people to rich ability”.

he set a rule for everyone at the party, are not allowed to be called “total”, not even “liu old”, the result when you are in the “old” and a “head”, or simply called “old willow”. I know Mr Liu for ten years, calls him “liu old man” is the first time.

would you like to listen to the material, many can be found in this dialogue. I want to say is the most impressed me the moment, is the dinner I do not know which stopped, let liu old man talked about the “big chicken chicken” :

“we both side of the big chicken, you always feel bigger than me, not for each other grow to as big an ostrich, just admit that ‘oh, he’s a big chicken. What do you mean, don’t see myself up, we are too easy to look up, including all lenovo must pay attention to, must make oneself sincerely pressure down, can really learn the opinions of others, can really be called “old liu head you are willing to listen to you, I estimate what call I have, in the company of course called” little liu “is not much, somebody else’s thoughts, you can over people mouth, what others call you it doesn’t matter, really put the heart down.

Internet tide comes, we should study it very calmly, absorption, according to their own specific conditions for processing. In time, not to the radical change is from time to time. In 2000, the Chinese business community has a ‘fast fish eat slow fish’ argument, old period (note: Duan Yongji) said ‘fast fish eat slow fish age arrived, I said was, to clear a sharp mouth, like a bird quickly count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10… , looking at very fast and slow fish, like a toad, ‘two five’, both 510, not slow.”

all laugh.

dialogue liu:


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Yang yuanqing on line not line?

q: mobile Internet change again, there is a constant: people. Many businesses fail, complain about the market problems, money problems, in the final analysis are the problems of people, the boss. As legend “eldest brother”, what do you think of lenovo group “eldest brother”?

Mr Liu: I agree, no matter traditional enterprises or the Internet, head of corporate decision is always the key factor to success. How do you determine the top quality? There are three: one is to have lofty goals, try very hard to rush up; Second, must have the perseverance, maintain qingshan not relax; Third, learning ability, able to keep up with The Times, the ability to learn itself, including the person’s mind, eq.

let’s see Mr Yang, he exactly what line, which can’t. Head a Yang yuanqing, no problem, the second is Mr Yang’s strengths, gave the battle is later can also be washed up, fall to the bottom several times also can grind, one thing don’t do it, do they do what it is his forte.

as for the strong learning ability is not strong? I think Mr Yang learning ability is very strong. What do you think this score, someone start fast someone start slowly. I, for example, Yang yuanqing is the anhui people, typical white flour scholar, blush as I speak before, remember CCTV “dialogue” program at a time, a lot of people the audience sitting, the somebody else give him questions, he explained to the somebody else to listen to not understand, he was in a hurry on the stage, I try so hard, in front of the television to an audience for his later explanation is what meaning, but today you chatting with Mr Yang, he can conveniently is a joke in English. That means he dare to face the hardest thing to go to school.

for the mobile Internet will bring much effect, I think he is a recognized. Realized later, everyone’s performance is also different, as I realized that it doesn’t, quickly said no first, then to do a good job, and some people like their first things figure to touch. Yang yuanqing, talk to me about things have a different point of view, will immediately bring up? He doesn’t, you see him again after two or three months, let me shine at the moment, feel better than I think better.

I feel lenovo’s big idea is to stabilize the current condition, such as notebook computers within a year of two not a recession, lenovo will continue to expand the field, at the same time into the field of 2 b, is to do the X86 servers, these is to let the bread and butter eat more steady. Another lenovo mobile abroad gathered pace indeed, lenovo mobile is currently in Europe market share of more than 10% on average, the position is, after buy MOTOROLA patents no longer affected, play out is also a recruit from abroad.

in the country, according to the mobile Internet deployment of thinking. I think Mr Yang recognizes that recently have to set up two subsidiaries, are independent companies, the two companies after independence, according to the new way. At the same time, lenovo group fund also pitched dozens of entrepreneurial teams, including project about hardware, spare parts, and all these things start deployment.

The advantage of the

Yang yuanqing is perhaps to start slowly, but want to see will be pegged to the later, not relax. So now comment on Yang yuanqing line or not, including me, have breakfast. Comment on when a company, can’t because it to the peak is considered can how, maybe it down in a sea, some enterprises through the trough can also climb up, you really have to look up at him. I’m really still in Yang yuanqing look up, I hope he can better figure out this thing.

overall, from my understanding of him before, he has a strong ability to learn. At the moment, he has a lot of difficulties and risks before, but he does have a deployment, I generally still look good.

“how afraid of barefoot shoes?”

q: you came to this age, lenovo develop to this stage, the thinking of the company is likely to reverse? I think not only refers to the Internet, including the cognition of a lot of people and things.

Mr Liu: now that said to me, I would say the somebody else Yang yuanqing, said I have what change.

what with the mobile Internet? Is just like a steam engine, like electric science and technology progress, promote the development of the whole human society. Today, the influence of the mobile Internet, and we had just appeared different computer, the computer has just appeared, is in order to improve the ability of industry, such as place of satellite, missile, oil exploration, the coming of the PC, becomes the main tool in order to improve the business efficiency, the government efficiency. The coming of the Internet, not only improve the efficiency, the mind also changed a lot, after information fragmentation, people can use all sorts of reasons, so also will affect the entire social structure, including directly affect the financial, the bankers suffered huge challenges, do you say that the Internet financial great, look for another three hundred and fifty years, the tip of the iceberg.

I think the mobile Internet industry, the impact on the industry hasn’t appeared, if 3 d printing, wearable devices, sensors, obtains the full development of the Internet of things and really big data together, didn’t know what will be changed into, perhaps one day you are in China the hospital, the doctor will give you the first in the United States. This is you can think of, don’t know how many want to can think. Some enterprise, some people are young, actually already very old, very old, some people, some enterprises in fact is not old, such as like me, or I will listen to you speak so excited?

the mobile Internet to the traditional enterprise will have what effect, how to study, I think one or two is not enough, want to combine their company’s actual situation constantly, constantly, constantly checking discussion, slowly you will see the truth. We legend holdings, for one, be sure to make it clear that what the current active, what things can’t move, move the current job is lost, then what is immediately can enter.

investments, such as lenovo do you spread a net into the venture capital enterprise, if my mind is old, there are more young people than David feng business there, we can throw them right? Ship large is difficult to describe, but the ship after the big ship can bring forth the boat, can let the boat back, put the boat prop up into the ship, the ship itself to change gradually. If I don’t think people really have the ability to learn, can organize more capable than themselves, let people strategies, let people to perform, it is can do it.

again, for example, all that bare feet are not afraid of the shoes, to wear shoes if threw the shoes and bare feet, although feet tender point, walk in the sand pain points, but I take out the money selling shoes get a straw sandals put on first, last may also be barefoot, this is rich. So you say I can’t, I’m unconvinced.

reckless, not mess!

q: watching the teenage BAT were worth at $800 to $300 billion, more than thirty years of Ming legend holdings listed will feel avenged?

Mr Liu: I still want to say that today we review these are too early. Mobile Internet explosive, overturns the media first, then the retail, may be the next surgery, satellite, I mean is the social from all walks of life are as early as the party affected by the Internet, until the disruptive to change.

as for the mobile Internet in which industry, at which point, it will be a good analysis, their thoughts can’t disorderly, unable to move the Internet way, all the stuff from the past is not, that the mess. Such as lenovo now into agriculture, agriculture now need most is what? After approval to use the land mass even piece, agricultural science and technology can use, agricultural science and technology immediately after use cost is reduced, can make good things to come. As for how good things through the Internet to sell better, here the Internet work.

the advent of the era of mobile Internet, the subversion of the whole society is inevitable, but there is a process, process gives us adjust, even subversion. Even if I upset me, I ask others to overturn line not line? I don’t agree with someone say must do to live at the moment, don’t do as we must die, it will give a lot of original die enterprises to kill.

some of millet, I haven’t figure it out, some

q: all linear growth is not the growth of the Internet, lenovo today can make a user exponential product?

Mr Liu: from 2000 to today, live Internet companies are less than 1%. You talk about nonlinearity, exponential growth, why should allow traditional enterprises and the Internet make mistakes, encouraging them to dare to dare to try, because all is unknown. I now how to test, such as we enter the financial services sector, recently is not in the pterosaurs, do with the way of the Internet to the rural finance, the future could cooperate with Mr. Chen, finally into a successful don’t know, don’t have the idea, I would dare to try.

many Internet companies have a lot of users at the beginning, but also dare not to say the last will have to live, is the difficulty? Capital subsidy is easy, but after subsidies can be a positive profit model, the flow itself can cash? Capital subsidies to repair, can cast after launch, can get return, the relationship between subsidies capital and technology and how to connect, is very difficult. Micro letter so much traffic today, everyone around you, but may not be willing to pay. Ma do taobao mall to the problem of charge once a painful choice.

who are hoping to get exponential growth, get a huge number of users but after a few sad, good hard, just can have to study. Millet is very worthy of respect, lei jun is not original mobile phone industry, really do, and doing really well. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

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