Little reporters today, tomorrow entrepreneurs: science and technology correspondent entrepreneurial advantages!

technology journalist why entrepreneurship? They have strong social networks, many funds and keen insight, can also use a perfect pen and many media and bringing in partners to promote products. Although accustomed to the short-term assault homework they don’t adapt to the single business for a long time, but the transformation of news has become a trend. Fast with hunting cloud network editor jun to see these reporters “ambitions”!

press conference spends a lot of time to think about the future of science and technology. Which company will be the next to them? Which product can change the game interface?

reporter start-up company founded by a reporter was more like a concept, The Times of Dan Fletcher and Beacon financing platform is now a good example. But now, the reporter will also its tentacles into other areas of startup, the trend as well as the news business booming.

science and technology media on The Web’s former Latin American editor Anna Heim had entrepreneurial story, she just left The news desk to create The non-native speakers of English learning (ESL) program (MonoLibre software) is to encourage people to speak English.

the next few years, the public expect to see more journalists across borders to create more interest and a wider range of enterprises. Reporter in entrepreneurial economy has three natural advantages: they have investment group of channels, internal about appropriate product market and well-versed in major media publicity surrounding.

in fact, they didn’t move before will have a miracle.

most tech journalists have a professional network contact investors and experts, once you start business at any time to establish positive business partner relationship with them. Money and insight is most budding entrepreneurs.

but due to the professional nature of science and technology press, they both contacts network, and not lack of funds and insight. When a relevant contact or contact acquaintances eventually does not bring money, then waded in the field of social security or trustworthy.

Heim E-mail me explain, dry reporters this line is easier to deal with investors and build relationships.

she wrote, “don’t get me wrong, no one will be because they have seen before you write the article will give you a blank check, but it really is the key of business.”

“if I didn’t contact before the investor I have intention to cooperate, so I may know other facilitate people I know him, if you don’t know even the middleman, that I can still use my writing skill crafted email and decorated to send in the past, in order to link to my investors.”

technology journalist is basically take salary to spy on the inside of the market, this is entrepreneurs want to discern. Perhaps it is not necessary to keep all journalists reported the market situation right view to join venture force, but they have first-hand information for any entrepreneurial teams are valuable.

he said that she was actually in her to attend a demo day for MonoLibre ESL English study this idea. She has been observed to make a speech in the house of the foreigners, suddenly realized in business under the tide of economic globalization, do not speak fluent English and lack of public speaking confidence become serious short of many entrepreneurs.

from the beginning, that is left is the pursuit of dreams.

“as soon as I identify opportunities, the whole implementation process and as a journalist I did about the same: online query the market situation, competitors and interview, interview potential users, think about asking them what problem, also take a lot of notes.”

and former high press together is the most obvious benefits of entrepreneurship can have deep network of press and publication, this is especially important for start-ups. For that, I think there is nothing to despise.

according to LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman said, for startups, publicity is more important than the product itself. Even if is a bad idea, but proper propaganda – after all, thought is the highest – can travels faster than unknown good ideas.

most start-ups ignorance of public relations are showing surprising: they reports on how to help the company to grow, how to obtain media reports are poorly understood. The attention of the publishing industry can achievement also can destroy a emerging enterprises, with the eyes and ears of the former colleagues, any by reporters at the helm of a start-up company is expected to make a good integration of public relations strategy.

if so, why more journalists did not choose the road of entrepreneurship?

the book says, at least reporters entrepreneurship is the pedal of the industry. But if the two completely accord with each other are still a little far-fetched.

reporter does not necessarily can provide you with daily practice guidance. Write a report convincing apply natural and true to everyone.

and he happened to be the next to edit, and with those who tend to be entrepreneurial relatively inexperienced young journalists work together, then the other journalists may question the responsibility of the management role.

in addition to the advantages, the reporter can also learn a venture from the newsroom. Most of the news media, especially science and technology press, all work on my crazy short-term plans. About the big events of life for a long time to work on training for journalists to access information as soon as possible, as has the concept of a foreign have acosmia feeling.

in view of this tendency or vocational training, many reporters really didn’t have his dedicated to a single field experience for many years, they even don’t have any long-term business potential.

as he puts it, the unfavorable factors are real. Reporter industry correctly is the key to remain objective. They are bound by moral and stick to what they have learned and reliable information.

it is not for entrepreneurs, the most dynamic companies usually prefer to take the risk and take the consequences of failure. When a view has just been proved, they may have to the first.

in the

journalism as a kind of industry is in transition. In the past few years for journalism hasty praised prematurely to prove: the news will not die. But the road to the traditional media are really changed, and the shift has been a long time.

it is this shift to encourage a new generation of journalists for their own youth and talent to find a different way. A new generation of entrepreneurs should be to have their join excited and honored.


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