LinkedIn, be careful! The main on contacts Conspire to job search services

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LinkedIn, now has more than 300 million users, in People’s Daily life has become the indispensable social platform in the field of business. Recently, a company called Conspire startups hope that through explore the new way of social people, and then dig deeper into the market share of this field. It through the platform of network users friends, first dig through the user’s E-mail, if some of your friends use Gmail or Google Apps, the service of the company will be based on the analysis of large data to find the man you want to see, and then build you up.

the word “on” is very important here: here, the establishment of the relation chain is not based on who you know will recommend to you, but according to your knowledge of their degree, for example, the analysis you contact frequency, time, how long will you interaction between reply message time length, the length of the chain of social relations, etc are analyzed.

then Conspire to work at their own logic, when the chain will you recommend to a user, if you are in the system logic state very by spectrum, each other can see recommended results map path will be displayed as “strong”. Chain of the relationship in this article, the distance between node for a maximum of three, that is between you and you need to find people, most will only through the relationship between the two individuals.

the following specific talk about Conspire relationship chain:

Conspire so far are for the use of the user free of charge, in the network to broaden also noticed the problem: privacy when it took over the analysis of your email will not be any changes to your email content, and it also can’t save any of your email, not through your mailbox secretly send a message to your contacts, mail it don’t extract the content of the reading. Conspire to take over your email after did the only thing to do is to scan all your email title.

a network diagram will be created after the user registration and upload data, and the drawing will be updated upon changes of the according to the information, which means that Conspire service all the time for you. Company founder Alex Devkar said, we now can see the Internet is the evolution and evolution, and we will also provide users with they want to see the social network, we will do the update. Conspire, meanwhile, also allows users to real-time monitoring their contacts network, at any time know my mail number, average response time, and know yourself, and others the user’s contacts, and most often a list of people quickly lost contact.

Conspire the number of users in the past few months has been quietly growth, relevant news by analyzing its social network, 13 million people have access to Conspire, however Conspire real far less than the number, the number of users is less than 10000 people. But Conspire has, from David Cohen and satellites industry incubators received $2.5 million in seed funding. Satellites of the incubator project ever hatch and Boulder, Colorado, Conspire project is also based on the project of Colorado. Here of Conspire funds will be used in the construction team and the product.

Conspire to face the challenge of for we have been using LinkedIn users familiar with.

although LinkedIn as we pointed out the us through social networks connected to the way of others, which contains some details, like the link with us users through one, two, or three or more layers of relations to set up the connection, we do not know this by unreliable, obviously this is LinkedIn itself exists some problems.

now it has become a very large network, when people use to the point of this is very random, so unless you’re at the top of the LinkedIn network at a very, very careful or you establish contacts network, or in your social network has a lot of “connection” you haven’t seen yet, never and he said that a word or even zero communication. In LinkedIn network, the network sent and received the invitation of the connection is too simple, in your LinkedIn network, you don’t even know who is this a group of people, where they come from. It makes the user’s contacts bridge in this social network is very fragile.

Devkar said: “we just want to know what people here know each other, as if to let them know how close they are, because we can use the number of e-mails can analyze the frequency and duration of their interaction.”

or as Cohen, in that case, you only spend five minutes at a meeting people know than you five years between colleagues to work together from morning till night understanding degree is not the same. Obviously, we now have the tools to give the user the contacts in the same proportion, and the relationships of the existence of network users themselves they need to manual management.

Devkar also said that in the normal average degree, a person’s email inbox will be as high as 3500 contacts, but in fact will only have about 1500-1500 people would occur with your real interaction. Other we can understand into a robot.

and the large number of contacts and other factors, so to speak, E-mail is the source of a lot of people are suffering, there are a lot of people because of fear of the number of spam has stopped using E-mail or less by E-mail as soon as possible. Conspire was clearly understand this, so it plans to collect other data communication platform, such as voice calls, text messages, Facebook and Twitter information integration to the analysis of the database. Twitter is likely to be the next to add into one of the elements of social networks. Devkar said, where you can get a lot of valuable information. At the same time, he said, adding that he still like to use LinkedIn, but he won’t let his users to easily use LinkedIn service.

Conspire to let a person look forward to the beta test period. In satellites launched, the company will this incubator and venture investor and venture company other network as the earliest users, it also bring some startup founder and potential sponsors and some connected to the partner of the partnership. According to the company, they created the connection to the company generated $15 million in seed outside investment increase of business partner.

so far, he has to find the current user and a network between the path of the “strong” target probability is 54%.

Devkar said: “by Conspire could not find US President barack Obama or Scarlett Johansson link on the way, but in the field of technology community, for the technology curtilage our odds is very big.”

he also revealed that, with the development of the company, can see the contact way will penetrate into other areas, and users will be more and more, the relationship of social network will be more and more efficient.


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