Lightning expenses: the first submit an expense account management software, service at startup


the people flock together, followed by nature, the entire 2014, start-up companies flocking to O2O. Also has some to avoid crowded highway, one tree Bridges, cloud network to introduce the hunting is a service at startup, aimed at innovation project of enterprise expenses reimbursement – lightning.

in October 2014, lightning reimbursement received millions of RMB angel rounds of financing, venture capital investment institutions to day. On January 9, 2015, the first domestic free in view of the business enterprise cost management App – “lightning reimbursement” officially released online, ios, android users can download. So far, the country has thousands of businesses are starting to use flash to submit an expense account. Entrepreneurs demand for various business support tools seem to also become increasingly urgent.

yes, access to the chase: submit an expense account is a lightning of the services and products, the purpose is to solve the enterprise of traditional reimbursement for examination and approval of inefficient, not in a timely manner, statistical analysis, cash problems, such as the loss of lightning reimbursement for examination and approval of mobile, bills electronically, real-time data analysis and automatic generation of expense account, etc, are in different link saves time, improves the efficiency.

method of use:

1. The managers “lightning reimbursement” APP download or registered web side, the only ‘micro letter binding code.

2. Employees focus on “lightning reimbursement” public accounts’ WeChat binding code. This time can set the hierarchical relationship between them, according to the enterprise organization structure, set up their expense account should be submitted to the who. Once has the expense, through the micro letter photo function to upload documents and select the project, can be a key generation expense account, submit for examination and approval.

3. The employee a key generation expense account, the system automatically collects the same paper, and remind management of examination and approval, managers can look at anytime and anywhere, the expenses of examination and approval. Through the expense account will be automatically sent to a mailbox, employees and post a ticket as long as the printing on his expense account. Was relieved to fill in this one, the data will be more accurate.

other functions:

1. Spending statistics: the home page can see according to different statistical period (day, week, month, year) according to the categories of spending accounted for.

2. The calendar spending: spending a day, according to the paper.

3. Ratio analysis: the company’s expenses spent on what project/personnel, and what percentage of the take up?

at present, small and medium-sized enterprise cost management is part of the is staff reimbursement. For friends in the company, the internal cost management is difficult. Common people take turns to buy food, buy groceries, are generally not take turns to, who will go to buy, who was paid, then small notes on his own name, to a colleague, month found salary, along with all the expenses. Found in wages, in what was supposed to be a happy thing, tube zhang is the most busy, first to sort all your receipts, neat to the corresponding colleagues name, and then calculate the total amount of each person. The boss wages to tube zhang’s colleague, and then pay treasure to the corresponding person.

finally introduce, lightning reimbursement CEO yu zhen atlas, 32, this belongs to the second startup, has many years of experience in business services and business consulting; A former north soft huizhi investment management co., LTD., vice President, director of Beijing’s investment and financing department of the soft exchange, ernst & young, a senior consultant; Electronic information engineering of shandong university undergraduate course, master of software engineering, tsinghua university. Lightning for the development team has many years of enterprise management consulting, financial management and technology development experience, and long-term for entrepreneurs to provide management, financing and financial advisory services. Product design on the basis of financial compliance focus on simple and efficient, easy to use, and balance the needs of management, employees and financial personnel.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, in addition to the development of the free “lightning reimbursement” APP, Yu Zhenhuan belongs to strong and brand to have a complete set of offline services “lean” charge to an account, mainly for clients to provide professional services, bookkeeping agency client mostly for high growth of start-ups. Cost is 150 yuan a year,

lightning reimbursement
Company: strong and injection start-up technology (Beijing) co., LTD.

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