“Light years” fiber optic router, the operator channels

shenzhen cloud cat today released “light years” fiber optic router, support gigabit network. Although this product geared to the needs of individual users, but still not opened 2 c sales, 15 years for pre-order 1 month.

light-years at the meeting to provide two versions of the router for consumers to choose, one is the mini version for 399 yuan, the second is the edition of 1099 yuan.

light years away, said CEO Wang Hui light-years has made cooperation and telecom operators, to purchase way by operator d personnel will products in home. Key partners include China telecom, foxconn, Broadcom, TE, etc.

products light-years router can be regarded as “take the cat (modem) router”, different from traditional routing, it is not on the modem, but the integration of the two functions, through a device on the Internet. After the user to access the mouth, can automatically identify to network, broadband account does not need to configure Internet again. At the same time, the products also have NFC function, when multiple devices to access through touch can be connected to the Internet, the Wifi can also be smart to hide, you can set not search to the outside world.

Wang Hui is introduced at the meeting, the equipment into the hardware layer, system layer and the APP layer, three independent operation. In the APP, users can realize intelligent installation, speed, across the screen, and function of smart home, the network administrator. The built-in smart home module will further expand in the future.

here no longer say intelligent router entry strategy. Online sales, through the market test is to do in front of me. For light years router, too early to talk about traffic entrance now, perhaps is just don’t care who is the entrance to the user, as long as the products with the cool enough.

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