Light application of app, the future of HTML 5, will be the next mobile Internet portal?

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in normal order, baidu put forward light application than the UC sooner. But come out a direct number for two years, uc is practitioners, but always sweetly, reluctant to give up their mobile entry and don’t want to stay away from the exploration on the application of the light. Leather for large companies, to own life is not easy.

whether light application in the future, but on the basis of H5 little game in micro letter circle of friends, there is no denying the fact this model still has market. Before doing the mobile end rushed the browser’s team developed a light application platform based on the technology of HTML 5. According to its founder Zhao Jiuzhou: small team ship well run, no burden. , so face the trend can be more thorough.

light application’s biggest characteristic is to don’t need to download, click the box. Corresponding their products also follow these characteristics to light all applications and games in the application can also be added directly to the desktop phone. The user directly visible benefits is: don’t need to download, no message delivery, does not need to update, save memory for small memory cell phone at the same time can obtain more excellent experience.

Zhao Jiuzhou tell hunting cloud network, such as too impatient player download games too troublesome, pay attention to the efficiency of the geek, can not stand the message of small Angle mark obsessive-compulsive disorder, people like to clean up the cell phone store space is light application of potential users. although light application can take the place of some life scenes, but at the moment due to technology and ecology, is not a substitute for independent APP on some function, such as, the interaction of the switch interface screen operation and data communication delay, etc. Zhao Jiuzhou said that these problems to be solved in the short term, but this difficulty is the need to spend time together in the same industry.

light application team: founder Zhao Jiuzhou was quick browser is mobile CEO, COO xing-hua feng is original weibo senior product manager, thunderbolt senior product manager. CTO Vince is original tencent game technology research and development manager, thunderbolt technology research and development manager. Team angel investment for good credit net ming-shun li, the original Discuz co-founder.

never run, smart phone performance improvement, combined with WIFI/4 g network popularization, the application from the local migration to the cloud will become a trend. Future HTML 5 technology matures, more fluent Web APP will become mainstream, according to the application as a carrier of the WebApp, the entry of the mobile Internet will become possible.

in Zhao Jiuzhou founder’s view, is more bold vision: the future light not only can replace mobile browser and application store, can also use the phone book, address book, camera system, such as preset function optimization. Smartphones as long as you can get to the Internet, then the alarm clock, calendar, contacts, etc. Can be achieved by light applications in the cloud. Become a common OS regardless of phone models configuration.

light application

time: in September 2014,

company: Beijing rushed network technology co., LTD.


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