Li in silicon valley, millet what is the secret project?

hunting cloud network on December 4 (word/@ Mr Luo hammer mobile phone)

in this paper, the author views do not represent cloud network position hunting!

recently there is a very popular word called “living in the moment”, the word may not, in the past now, in the face of complex network and the information explosion era of rapidly changing, instead of “live in the moment” is a very good way of doing things. But someone must not “live in the moment,” this man was lei jun, he must to complex situation of cheetah judgment and decision making, seize fleeting.

“start again! After 5 years of entrepreneurship, I return to millet product research and development of a line, the future I will to silicon valley retreat for a period of time, to prepare a new product.” Abruptly, millet co-founder Li Wanjiang announced on twitter to silicon valley retreat, this can also be interpreted as lei jun smell what, but I don’t know, li’s trip purpose.

auto – guess most is millet, . Some analysis based on Google glasses based on millet glasses, also have millet is expected to be a moto 360 coldplay.

– a little bit further, associate with Google’s modular cell phone, this series of MOTOROLA’s patent Google did not sell to lenovo, millet in think this?

imagine li will focus on the content of the modular cell phone, but I feel, ah li’s trip, have more important things to do.

what the matter tension and so important?

it’s a long story, but also must say understand a little problem. That is, li’s trip in the United States where driver. There is no doubt that Google is. Millet President held was inaugurated as President of Google China area, have good contacts in Google, it is on the one hand, on the other hand, millet the growth of Google is very happy to see that the android industry leader samsung to rely on their own advantages, do many things is to go to Google, they don’t do a good job, a ROM that Google is clear, the countermeasure that Google is, look for other power enrichment oneself, reduce the proportion of samsung is too big for their adverse effects, so there will be a lenovo’s purchase of MOTOROLA and emoko join millet.

I believe you also understand it, millet is part of the strategy of Google, and make good use of the resources of the Google is part of the strategy of millet. Google the millet recent operation status of perfect, schmidt was excited call lei jun, said junjun, together we do a change in the world? Lei jun says, I have guessed, that’s great, bunkers, I let it to Lebanon.

in 2005, Google paid $40 million for a company called Android, and lucky enough to get the key to the development in the next 10 years, the road is not smooth, but after hardware Google glasses tepid, moto – x badly run, also let Google constantly adjust strategy. 10 years will arrive soon, a new technology revolution is here, but what exactly is the Internet in the future of the next 5 years?

A. 3 d printing? B. the electric car? C. intelligent household 2.0? Google once hesitant in the B and C, and ultimately chose C. I’m very agree with this answer, personal 3 d printing need to solve the problem of policy, ethics, material too much, such as printing a pistol, it takes a lot of time to eliminate the negative effect; As for the electric car, the charging and price of bottleneck restriction, also difficult to breakthrough in a short time; The smart home 2.0 is different, all kinds of basic mature conditions, only to finish off. This is probably why Google spent $3.2 billion acquisition of Nest rather than tesla’s reason.

to see the Nest, is a smart home company, set up only two years, even only two products, Google unexpectedly for convey only a signal: I already have my direction! Many of the strategy will be built around the next. Sure enough, again after acquisition of Revolv also underline it.

but mentioned Google do large quantities of hardware is not successful, also is not good at in electric business operations, Google is dry wood; And China has companies, so do hardware and electricity are flawed, supply chain control is also gradually maturing, cost control and doing particularly well really can make topic, say, millet is a consuming fire.

when dry wood fire. That is probably the thing.

smart home 2.0 and intelligent household is completely different in the past, it was a big change from the bottom, the biggest difference is that this is a dominated by mobile Internet open platform, can access different brands, different types of all kinds of terminal, and the function of all kinds of terminal can also through networking extends continuously.

so, raikage let go to endure li o silicon valley s-class top secret mission is what, the answer seems to have been very clear, is related to build smart home platform, can be a watch such control terminal, can be a constant temperature controller is the central terminal, can also be air conditioning, the purifier such connection terminal, and can even join form, and should be more than one product. Like a Nest “communication, algorithm, sensors, user experience, running on a cloud network” as the core of the company, not is good at in human-computer interaction, attaches great importance to the engagement of the most good at?

in order to confirm, we might as well in order to analyse the millet the platform plan exactly what to do.

delta release box millet, millet, television – the most attractive in the terminal to first, is also a publicity platform.

delta investment thunderbolt, complete authorization – the cloud to accelerate the TV content, solve the technical problem existed in the platform.

delta millet router, hard disk with 1 t – family cloud storage center and control center.

delta release intelligent body fat scale, a small ant camera, millet socket, LED lights, such as millet intelligent remote control products, a profound, baseline domestic hardware supply chain.

delta investment youku, in love, art, further perfect the TV content, promote deep into the smart home.

delta one hundred million yuan investment in YOU + international youth apartment – provide display platform, let everybody know “smart home can also play” so.

$1 billion delta In kingsoft cloud group and All – In the cloud – preparing for platform of cloud services.

even lei jun in the department of the company in this regard, wall-e investment co-sponsored by the film and television, cheetah Fu Cheng do leopard m air purifier, looks for the plan of millet. Only the plan is good enough for li spent half a year’s time to digest.

millet in the field of smart home, at present only millet first generation mobile phones in the mobile phone industry status, or don’t pick, there is a power play smart home giant several already has a certain scale, such as haier, has industry first for six consecutive years, lei jun recruit again I’m afraid it is hard to persuade the several giant into millet platform, but it doesn’t matter, millet can overturn, if all goes well, would be intelligent household industry reshuffle, a few big especially bet on Z – wave, ZigBee vendors need to check prices. I’m afraid.

maybe, several years later, dong mingzhu face 1 billion bet as a result, the best way to work together is and millet, gree air conditioning also into smart home territory of millet, it will be a win-win situation. Think at that time, lei jun will be happy into what.

may the fire of this round of silicon valley, millet can touch point on the light. O above about li’s silicon valley, is my personal guess, top on casual, in the end, o think li related to silicon valley and cook to come out, you enough!

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