Li: how to design your 2015 annual plan

the author: li

New Year there is always a New vision and goals, namely “Year plan” (New Year Resolution). More than two months ago, facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) to visit Beijing, did more than 30 minutes in the tsinghua university in Chinese speech and q&a, to impress people. Not only domestic media, many American mainstream media use “amazing” to describe his Chinese ability.

I remember about four years ago, Mark invited me to lecture facebook headquarters in silicon valley, the impression he can only simple introduce a few words in Chinese; Over the years, he has been great progress in Chinese.

in recent years, Mark have personal annual plan every year. Last year, he every day to write a “thank you card”, let oneself keep gratitude. The year before last, he made a rule that every day must meet a new friend, extend the life. In 2012, long-term investment management work, he has return to write program plan, let oneself don’t forget the original intention.

in 2010, Mark the annual plan is to learn Chinese well. This time he in tsinghua’s speech, although must be after pr careful packing, but he doesn’t answer all the questions in Chinese, also can use Chinese to tell jokes, let all burst into laughter, it is not easy. Mark the efforts and insist, encouraging and imitate. Therefore, if we can have a good planning and annual plans, to the life will have unexpected effects. I have made a lot of New Year resolutions, here you can share some tips:

it is good to choose a feasible goal 1

the habits of people is that when demand too much, one can’t do that, can completely give up. Might as well choose a feasible but difficult to do, especially for the first time. People always need to rely on some small positive sense of achievement, slowly build self-confidence.

2 principle of SMART goal setting



Measurable Measurable. Don’t set the target, for example, “do more good deeds,” it is not specific, also cannot be measured, can change to the nursing home do volunteer once a month.

Attainable can realize, for example, can’t order next year will earn 100 million yuan, the target must be completed.

Result – -based attaches great importance to the Result oriented, not just process. Lose weight 1 kg a month, for example, instead of just don’t eat in the morning; Or toefl scores increase 50 points, not just spend time back words every day.

Time – -based has timeliness, in a certain period of Time to complete the plan

3 selected important, but not urgent things

we often choose to do the urgent thing first, for example exam tomorrow, will take the time to prepare, don’t have to rely on annual plans to push myself. But there are too many important but not urgent things in life, annual plan must pick has influence to the life, or the important things, such as health, future, accumulated knowledge, interpersonal growth plans.

learn English well is a typical example, from the point of view of life is to learn, it is important to learn English well, but there is no urgency. Especially after leaving the campus, if not foreign, or work with less than English, might be lax, great pity.

Mark, for example, to learn Chinese for old beauty, is a big challenge. If Mark read the Chinese, four years can be a speech on the stage, so learned Chinese for more than ten years English, more should learn English well?

I encourage young people to begin with reading English news, on the one hand widen our sight and at the same time, strengthen the English ability. Don’t waste time on repetitive news, there are many great English books and websites in the world. I also recommend, spend half time reading related information in English, online or in a planned way of reading English books. If you want to learn English at the same time and increase knowledge, can look at this a few English net station: Business Insider, site, Buzzfeed, Khan Academy, Linkedin, Techcrunch, Pando Daily, WSJ. D, also can search on the Internet, Ted speech in English, the famous English speech, in the history of the famous commencement address, etc.

in addition, I share an extended relationships of the annual plan. Years ago, I from China back to the headquarters of Microsoft, in order to expand your social circle, I plan to meet new friends, not like Mark one day meet one, but I limit myself once a week and a new friend, or a cup of tea. Where to find so many people have a meal? I will teach you my secret: every time and new friends to dinner, conversation, pay attention to what his friend is you want to know, be sure to ask him before dinner to introduce a friend to you, increase your social circle.

why do you want to expand your social circle? In fact there are a lot of chance in life, not by the “strong” relationship of best friends, but keep your hundreds of “weak” relationship; If you can have more connections, can also bring more opportunities. How to meet new friends? Can you introduce friends about the new leader in the field of technology, product management, investment, to meet new friends, new knowledge can be augmented, expand new field of vision.

4. Summarize

people have inertia, always like to nest in his comfort zone, if you want to grow, must change. When you order plan for the next year, after earnestly perform for a while, you will find that any new targets can become a part of life, do not need to perform. Want to change, first from yourself.


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