LG to release “smart phone to automatically play music” speakers

hunting cloud network (note: if you are still bedevilled by speakers in a wide range of clutter and wire, because of the need to manually control the speakers, so LG’s latest these a few products, you must can’t miss it. LG before the arrival of the CES congress recently as we presented several of its latest wireless speakers. In to ensure the quality of music at the same time, realize the intelligent products.

is already preparing for CES conference (consumer electronics). Yes, although the CES conference are yet to come, but the first product of LG has released the first. Recently, LG has released its latest Music Music Flow series products, including three speakers and three new Sound Bar wireless speakers.

the latest product offers many common functions, including support for bluetooth connectivity, and help users like Sonos use family to connect devices in wireless networks. LG also released the first sound power is supplied by batteries. In addition, LG’s new products introduced an interesting new features, when your smartphone is close to automatically play music.

users need to install on your phone LG Music Flow applications. The applications and services and other kinds of music services for the integration.

so, you can use headphones to listen to music on the road home from work, and when you walk into the sitting room of home, the wireless Sound Bar in the sitting room acoustics will automatically continue to play music for you.

hunting cloud network editor gentleman mess of all kinds of power cord

that’s not all. Music Flow can also chat application through the Line to control. After add the service for the contact, you can tell it, “play some music party”, “after 1 hour closed music” and so on. Music Flow and the integration of the Line is part of the LG Home Chat service, the service will Chat application to connect to other kinds of “smart” appliances.

next month, we will take part in CES conference in Las Vegas. Please continue to pay attention to the Home more news Flow, at the same time hunting cloud network editor jun will also from the conference bring some other strange, fascinating and interesting products.


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