Letv released smart parent-child hardware xiao bao, vertical output content the first step

(word/qing nan)

for Letv, this two days news, one is the CEO Jia Yueting finally returned to Beijing; Second, the intelligent device added a new member of the family.

today, Letv TV released smart parent-child product le machine, small treasure story by mobile phone App linkage and low brightness projector accessories, can help parents give their children a story, and parent-child voice communication. Price 499 yuan, in addition to buy 96 yuan a year service fee in person. On December 2, xiao bao began to accept appointment, on December 23, a public offering.

on the configuration, le xiao bao used Google light machine technology, the A7 dual-core processor, 8 g flash memory, running android 4.4 operating system, support WIFI configuration, such as storytelling, chat, parent-child content, expert service, prevent myopia five functions.

this is after the television, Letv launched another brand new smart devices, is the first time based on their vertical to output the contents of the system, with the Letv strategy is closely related to the entire product ecological system.

Contents of the

“hardware” the starting point of this is Letv all intelligent hardware devices, so in the past few years, Letv built a powerful copyrighted content, and covered the online video, film and television, etc., on the basis of building the software, hardware and services to the integration of intelligent ecological system.

on parent-child content construction, Letv channel was launched two years ago the family. Now has more than 160000 children set related video, the total length of more than 2.4 million minutes, educational, entertainment, education, foreign language, pets, and many other sectors, has more than 6 million children home users, the average viewing time on 70 minutes. This is the content of the parent-child equipment Letv dare to do.

Letv pioneered in parent-child equipment markets because of “subversion” exist in the industry. On the one hand, regional restriction, mobile phone games, hit the parents and children communication becomes increasingly difficult, performance and the role of time, no words, no embarrassing state; Toy story, on the other hand, light machine market exists disregard for users, not smart, profiteering, no content and so on. Before this, tencent also launched a new generation of QQ robot, in addition, startup fish science and technology of parent-child escort products will appear.


le xiao bao means happy view based on vertical content extends outward explore more intelligent hardware business. Letv intelligent terminal of a CMO Peng Gang revealed that small treasure will be managed by LeMe brand system, the future will also introduce more intelligent hardware products based on content.

this idea is very clear, the future will be vertical content areas which concern again? Such as automobile, tourism even the game entertainment areas such as possible, believe that new products should not wait too long.

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