Letter from nokia fans: why nokia phones return is not a dream

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nokia recently announced third quarter results, results than analysts expected, performed well. Nokia’s chief financial officer Timo Ihamuotila during the next conference, said: “of course we will carefully evaluate the nokia brand to maximize the brand value, we realize that nokia on the profile is a most valuable brand in the field of mobile phone and mobile.” Most think that reflects the nokia prepare to return to the consumer market, regain the intelligent mobile phone business. So whether nokia will return to the consumer market, making a comeback, luxuriant return, I personally think that this can be a think it’s great. But to return to the consumer market, nokia and how to face a river’s lake, nokia itself also has to return to the river’s lake capital? And look at the shallow analysis.
1, the intelligent mobile phone overall situation

1. The mobile operating system all three points: today’s mobile operating system all three points, android, apple equal, Microsoft is weak; The apple ecosystem is the most prosperous, although the market share of less than android, but it has grown to iOS8, after take the risks and the people rich. Android numerous disciples, strength strong, development to 5.0 lollipops, momentum, and both. But also faces serious fragmentation, internal security problems and so on questions; Google began tightening control of android. Microsoft as latecomers, in constant pursuit, the system level experience and ecosystems are constantly improve, in front of the two giants, although assembled out of more than 50 partners over the past two years, using low impact sales, hope this broadening its expansion soil, also can one time. But in the upcoming Win10 operating system, unify river’s lake, Microsoft will be able to make up the ecological gap, is still worth looking forward to.

2. The vendor performance: the manufacturers, there is no doubt samsung is apple’s most powerful, Microsoft is potentially formidable rival, grab an eye most domestic performance. LG rise obviously, mobile phone jianghu attack unprecedented fierce competition.

apple with its outstanding design, strong ecological system and powerful fan groups, each generation of its products to create a solid sales miracle, but you can’t deny is that apple’s innovation ability is not in the past, at present the more defensive rather than expand, and in the pursuit of perfection and the pursuit of commercial interests to maximize the trade-off of the latter and upgrade pattern of toothpaste to grab a huge profits, but the current dominance is still can maintain for a period of time. A variety of performance seems to have nokia prime age of figure.

samsung shine brilliantly in recent years, and became the apple is the most difficult opponent, but due to the industrial design of mediocrity, insufficient innovation spot, have been poking fun at, this is more like a middle age crisis, has showed a downward trend, and the whole product line in the face of global strangulation, dangerous, but it still has a complete industrial chain advantage, still has a strong financial support, its competitiveness is still strong.

Microsoft as a boot, the essence part of nokia phones and service departments, the company to the inheritance and development of its series, although there is no new launch, but predictably nokia in the company will still get the advantages of inheritance, along with the upcoming Win10 unification of the operating system. WP experience will be further perfect, ecological system will be further prosperity. Combined with Microsoft’s deep pockets, if Microsoft is sincerely want to be in the mobile market gets a, he will be a potential formidable rival.

domestic use the Internet in recent years, with feelings, with mouth open, buy futures, cried for three years from the premier league is beautiful, but the design of the imitator apple, nokia and so on, performance is also very grab an eye, millet meizu huawei hammer OPPO/VIVO each topic is making machine, many brands also have each. But from the depreciation of the old feelings fall to the ground, to the little rice vermicelli to call 1799, we can still be found, such vigorous also only in local markets in China; Basic for domestic high-end market; And in addition to huawei slightly better in the international market, the rest are in the wall, it is not to speak of its soil. Domestic real core competitiveness is not innovation, but at a low price. But low price boom of persistent? I think is not, so I think domestic bubble reshuffle period is coming.

the remaining in the well-known international brands, SONY solution has no, sausage is slightly better but also heavy disease, MOTOROLA has committed lenovo, but the mobile river’s lake, is a fact, before the innovation ability is not the industry bottleneck issue seems to have come. This time, need a strong competitor to promote the development of industry, the market is also call for the innovation of the truly can change the world once again.

2, nokia’s own analysis
(a) disadvantage:

1, brand window period: nokia after the deal with Microsoft, Microsoft due to contract restrictions, the brand name of transformation, to Microsoft, the company according to the provisions of the contract, in the smartphone market, nokia can’t give into the consumer market by 2016, this would leave a window period of more than a year of brand, the window period of one year, is to provide opportunities to competitors in vain, let them get more market share.

2, the control ability of supply chain: in today’s globalization resource allocation and division of labor refinement, management and control of supply chain will largely determine the success or failure of a mobile phone. Proper human resource configuration will directly affect the enterprise cost. In terms of supply chain to control the market at present ability, the strongest is apple and samsung. But nokia in machine industry for many years, with the integration of supply chain capacity should be needless to say, but the control ability of supply chain can not gain a strong position.

3, the brain drain: nokia in deal with Microsoft, its mobile phones and services most top talent to Microsoft. After nokia lost these top talent, there will be a certain talent, how to make up for the vacancy, again to create a perfect cooperation team, is also a challenge.

(2) advantage:

1. Nokia’s strong patent accumulation and innovation spirit: nokia has a strong patent portfolio, these patent portfolio will be nokia return guarantee, nokia is more willing to change the genes and a spirit of innovation, think that year look in the eyes to the polished copy imitate the iPhone, nokia, nokia N9 can self-reliance, let people realize that mobile phone appearance design than the iPhone a, design can also be so pleasing, could split and apple. Nokia’s unique technology will make the competitiveness of overweight, such as nokia unique PureView photograph technology, professional photo, HERE maps, urban kaleidoscope, etc., as well as in the study of graphene, flexible screen technology, we still can find nokia innovation ability in the field of consumption is undimmed.

2. Plenty of cash flow support: nokia in deal with Microsoft, obtained the sufficient cash flow, coupled with the three major business is good. Plenty of cash flow for consumer products research and development and promotion form and related personnel to provide strong support. So although after the deal with Microsoft, nokia lost a number of senior talent, but we can also believe nokia is still sufficient talent pool, also can attract the best talents to join nokia, to gather again a strong r&d team, design team and sales team, and so on.

3. Nokia’s brand value and the fans support: nokia’s brand still has the extremely high value, in the enterprise philosophy of people-oriented science and technology, the unremitting pursuit of product quality, can be tied with the apple seiko design, unique photo advantage and he represents high quality, practical and reliable, innovation is still deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, nokia accumulation of high quality fans are in the market.

maybe someone will ask a way: in the intense competition in the mobile phone market, the market will accept a market after two years of nokia? But I think that the market can’t refuse to the real innovators, only the old, can hand over in 2016 a truly innovative answers, the market will naturally delighted to accept. So I personally think that nokia’s return to the possibility of the consumer market is extremely high.

note: as the powder I, my nature is hope he can come back, luxuriant regression, bring us more innovation, more surprises. YY: expect he would be able to welcome back the N9 design director to develop under a stunning masterpiece. In addition, in fact I still quite like nokia with Windows operating system.

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