Let users make money rebate social networks, Tsu and users to share advertising revenue

new social networking site Tsu will bring you a new user experience – allows you to see the advertising is excited! (hunting cloud network editor you really not joking oh ~)

Tsu launched last week, and successful Sancus Capital of $7 million in financing. Let Tsu is the main reason for the unique Tsu decision with users, mutual share advertising revenue, in addition, users can also through the active state of hair on the platform and invite friends to make money.

the founder of Tsu Sebastian Sobczak said in an interview: “Tsu based in New York, at first glance, like Facebook operates, but practice is unique, it only take 10% of the advertising revenue for its own development, the remaining 90% all proceeds to the user.” Tsu for example one day all the advertising revenues will be according to the post in 24 hours after get reply to distribute profits. If user posts the feedback response, the more he will share of earnings is more also. It seems to make you feel amazing? You move?

in that case, the “revenue sharing” benefit the most, of course, is the platform on popular users (such as celebrity). In addition to send state reply this way, of course, there are a number of ways to make money. There is a small part of the proceeds will be used to reward those who invite friends to Tsu users. In addition, when the invited users to send money, after the Tsu extraction cost, inviter may also be part of the “commission”.

this pattern is to improve the enthusiasm of the users to share high quality content, not just as a social networking site. While these premium content will attract more people to watch, also formed a higher flow, and then greatly increases the chance to click on ads, so that they can bring more economic benefits to Tsu.

Sobczak said: “if you carefully compare the existing social networking sites, you will find these sites is more like a radio station, they play a variety of songs, but never gave the singer royalty. Also, some users on social networking sites for free to share some very valuable, to one hundred percent of revenues, few would be willing to do so, I think.”

although Tsu was officially launched last week, but earlier, Tsu has been supported by some investors and users. Besides Sancus Capital investment, previously, Tsu also attracted celebrities in commissioning on site users, including rapper 50 Cent and famous NBA star Carmelo Anthony (although the performance in the past two weeks is not active). Want to know, celebrity users can often on the Internet to their fans to introduce some new social product, it is a disguised form have played an important role in propaganda, Sobczak also hope to become one of the products they promote Tsu.

Tsu for financing and famous people have attention does not mean that it can on the social network of “imperial throne”, thoroughly “deposed” Facebook’s leading position. Actually, frankly, this kind of practice, through rebates to encourage them to use your service to users, it’s not typical, but it is not the first time. Established in 2012, the creation of a social networking websites Bubblews will have the same idea. It would make comments according to user’s post and praise to rebate to the customer. Say these rebates, though less Tsu give so much — probably every penny, but fundamentally speaking, business philosophy is the same.

at present, the user has to Facebook’s stifling bored advertising, in addition, Facebook also to obtain benefits from the user’s data, from two point of view, the user should indeed to abandon Facebook, while Tsu look is a good choice.


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