Let it be “nanny”, parents fluky psychology may harm the child

watch on the big red dog Clifford (a famous cartoon animation, USA) seems to be a wonderful thing, especially the sound very good. As long as you click on the screen, you can hear it breathless running forward, like a blue truck roared to the front. The storyteller also in Shouting “quick rush! Quick!!” Cheer for the big red dog.

but this way is the children’s fairy tales of time? Or is it just the children’s screen time?

the problem is not only parents, even the pediatrician and researchers it is difficult to get a clear answer, especially in today’s children’s books are like adult’s books, is to develop in the direction of electronic media.

over the years, children’s education experts have suggested that parents from time to time to give their children to study, and gives a lot of case study proved that such ways can bring of great help to the growth of the children, because reading can improve children’s language expression and communication ability, also affects the growth of the children in the aspect of social. In June, the center of the American academy of pediatrics pediatricians suggest all the doctors in every time when the parents came to visit to remind parents after the child is born should be read to them, tell parents give their children to read is like give their children vaccinated, let them eat vegetables, it will promote the development of children’s growth.

on the other hand, pediatric center also is strongly recommended that children under the age of two should not have screen time, and a little bit older children screen time should not more than two hours a day.

once a period of time, people put on electronic equipment constantly page as a “reading”, while the app store is filled with various designed for infants and preschoolers reading program and learning the game. In the face of such situation, parents should pay attention to what?

this question, the researchers say the answer is unclear. America’s national association of preschool education of applied research director Kyle Snow said in an interview: “we know that children learn to read, but we don’t know how is the learning process will not change because of the involvement of electronic technology.”

can’t answer questions before one of the reasons is the emergence of these new devices. To this end, researchers have made extensive experiment, try to prove these electronic products have influence to the development of children’s learning. However, tablets and e-readers are widely used in the family in the United States to help children learn, so the result is not clear.

a pediatrician Pamela High in June for pediatric group wrote a policy statement, he said: “the use of electronic books can’t solve problems. We tried to collect a lot of evidence to study in the early child development parents reading to their children, but we didn’t find any ebook use of data.”

but there are a few studies have shown that using electronic equipment to the child reading group slow the momentum of children’s language development.

Dr. High said: “in the process of reading to their children, there will be a lot of interaction between you. When you turn pages, pointing to the picture story, your child will be noticed. When you use the e-book these interactive link there is no doubt that is missing.”

in 2013, in one study, researchers found that children aged 3 to 5 children by parents to use electronic devices to read than children whose parents use traditional books to read in reading comprehension ability to perform. They think that such a phenomenon, one reason is because people using electronic books focus on parents and children is more of the electronic device itself, rather than the contents of the book. The conclusion by at least two common findings.)

children education of children’s hospital of Philadelphia, a psychologist at Dr. Julia Parish – Morris was directed at temple university in 2013, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is located in the east coast to the research of the authors of the paper. She said in an interview: “parents usually like to use a language to affect children’s behavior and talking, they usually say ‘wait, don’t press the button, you going to finish this matter first” such words.” As a result, those who use traditional books reading to the child’s parents and children between intangible more interaction, thus forming the researchers called “dialogue type reading”. This way to for the discussion of the plot, and the relationship between them and their children were proved to be important factors to promote the development of children’s language.

the researchers also said: “the more difficult the problem is now, in a strict sense, fewer and fewer children e-books can be called a book. With the development of science and technology in the rapid, publishers to add a lot of grandstanding in electronic reading, use to attract users.

2013 research partner, is also one of temple university professor Kathy Hirsh – Pasek said in an interview: “our attention to the child reading it because this way can promote children’s communication ability dialogue. But if appeared many interfere with the integrity of the dialogue in the book, just like in the middle of the story suddenly into a game, this form will not bring your children like reading the traditional books benefits.”

of course, the publisher of the ebook and application designers on electronic equipment are pointed out and the kids of the interaction is conducive to the education of children, is it not a distraction. They claim that the researchers described as “sensationalist” – such as Clifford dog barking, narrative with tiredness or “good night” when a child is in the Green dense Eggs and Ham on the application, click on the word “Ham” will appear – these things can also help children to learn a language.

there is some evidence to prove their theories, and the evidence is more or less, and other related science and technology. Study at the university of Wisconsin in 2013 children around the age of two in the application of the interactive learning words than those who are nothing compared to the way a lot faster.

but when it comes to language learning, the researchers say there is no technology can replace a teacher in real life, even if the children had a lot of effort, they can’t replace a teacher for children with these technologies.

Patricia k. Kuhl is the cognitive and brain research institute at the university of Washington, a mentor, he organized a study in 2003, the study is to let a group of nine months old babies listen to a lecturer lecture in mandarin, and another group of babies is on DVD to listen to the lecture, a lecturer in mandarin. The third group had a baby just to listen to English teaching.

Dr. Kuhl said: “the children stared at the screen, obviously they look more enjoy the lecture on DVD. But after brain scans and language testing has shown that the baby in the DVD group almost did not learn anything.”

Dr. Hirsh – Pasek said in an interview: “this group of infant brain scans and another just listening to English teaching in the control group. The control group was only to acquire knowledge through the scene teaching interaction in the control group. In real life, in other words, the instructor taught to pass the baby to communicate with them, these children are not is in a state of just listening to, and this kind of teaching way can help children to learn a language.”

today, Dr. Kuhl find research results and the effects of “baby Einstein” this program is similar. The show is a late 1990 s to the mid 21st century popular for children to have a video, but the video was finally found will have bad effect on the baby’s language development. Then, in 2009, the Walt Disney company is faced with joint action, so the company had to give those who bought the video of a refund.

in the same way, Mr Snow from national youth education organizations think ebook by broadcasting audio books for children or is in the book, joined the games, the biggest threat is that it makes today’s parents gave up their own should bear the liability for the education of children.

he said: “probably e-books will become a generation of children’s TV version of the baby-sitter. We don’t want parents to say such a thing, ‘let me sit there constantly books reading to my child listen to such behavior is not necessary, because it can help me to finish it.”

but parents found it hard to not to turn the tablet.

living in Berkeley, Claudia Raleigh is the mother of three children, her three children are all less than six years old. She said in an interview that she has always been strictly abide by the academy of pediatrics guidelines, but at the time of Teddy’s sister swimming lessons, she really need something to distract the child. She said: “are you sure you don’t know waiting around has a two year old children is a matter how ungrateful? So I can use it to distract Teddy, so he wouldn’t want to jump into the pool.”

“I always take it as my help equipment”, she says with a laugh.

“since the child is born, every day I give my children to read. So when he was playing the I really felt a little guilty.” But she later said the guilty soon gone.

even promote reading experts said these guidelines in fact it is difficult to observe, so let the child play for a while computer such behavior is not big mistake. Mr Snow said: “when you have one child, you think you should abide by the academy of pediatrics guidelines carefully. If you don’t want your children to play for the electronic equipment, then you can use Skype contact the child’s grandparents. But stay with their children together will make you very upset? In fact this is certainly not the worst thing in the world. Maybe you should change your state of mind.”

Snow later added: “, but you can’t just because a child like in another room and children on Skype. It is not right.” Even in the screen time can treat as is part of the American children’s childhood, but according to the trend looks, excellent traditional books will not disappear. In addition, parents should also be noticed that there was no parents read e-books paper and ink story book can pass the emotional elements.

CNBC a publicist when talking about her 4-year-old daughter Amy Reid said: “Lilly has an own the device, and download a lot she often use the application. But for her, there’s nothing better than to let her choose books in the library and borrow more exciting home.”

Source: NYT

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