Let guests shoot wedding application WedPics raised $4.25 million

when you are thinking about hire a professional photographer when married, some other people in the world has been in use WedPics application. The wedding photo sharing application liberates photographer hands, let the bride and groom and their guests as photography from different angles the nice time to record the wedding.

the WedPics from raleigh, north Carolina company currently has proved that can indeed. For the newly married couple and their guests have developed a photo video sharing application of the company, has now been obtained by the Bullpen Capital company $4.25 million B round, TV shows investors “Shark Tank” Barbara crane will test through AngelList co-financing to participate in the second round of investment.

look from product features, Wedpics the phone application is a comprehensive coverage of the wedding photographer, it will be filming scattered to the audience. Wedpics service needs to be $99, for a specific id code can make all the wedding wedding audience. Audience use the App to take photographs, filter beautification, then all these pictures taken at the wedding will be attributed to the uniform photo set, a new and concierge can slowly to watch.

by the end of this round of financing period have OCA Ventures company, Venture51 company, IDEA, Partners, Great Oaks companies, including Adam Draper, Semil Shah, Jocelyn Goldfein, angels and other capital participation. Take an examination of crane AngelList co-financing launched on Monday, has raised $250000.

with other investors, WedPics company hopes to get a total of $5 million when the expiration of this round of financing of the second round of financing.

WedPics isn’t the only company that has a wedding photo sharing application. Companies in this field and Eversnap, Capsule, and the Wedding Party and so on. WedPics found some problems in expanding the number of users, but do not mind share their findings with other companies.

now, the company held every month from 25000 to 30000 weddings, at the same time the cost of each wedding are below $2. (and David ‘s Bridal company, a big wedding dress retailers, every wedding service charge is $60, such a contrast you can see the advantage.)

according to co-founder and CEO, said Justin miller in this summer, presided over the more than 6000 weddings WedPics every weekend, there are 175000 guests per second and users to upload photos. So far, 400000 couples have installed the app, at the same time the company has 2.5 million users, including the bride and groom and guests. From the point of data index, growth has exceeded 200%, miller said.

because WedPics users can use the service time is limited, so these people download applications, has a high activity maintained. More than half of the WedPics users posted a photo at least, precisely, 55%, 76% of the users to upload at least 3 photo.

the popularity of the app, owes much to its concise, and visibility and credibility. These new people, especially the bride, tend to be more on their wedding day before the arrival of half a year or more in the register, on the application at the same time, begin to pay attention to the wedding, some furniture, for example, shopping, bath products, there are other parties before the wedding.

just recently, WedPics update some content to let couples can also share their residence and get married. The app also by providing the table card printing services for income generation, of course can also be due to photo printing business. For now, Wedpics can sell about twenty thousand copies printed table card every week.

although WedPics no market positioning of the application, but its user has indeed all over the world. Today, it has entered the 188 countries and regions, 15% of the users from the United States, one third from the UK, a quarter from Australia.

in the future, WedPic the financing will be used to expand marketing, further through social media to expand our customer base. Today, the main promotion platform or Facebook. But it will soon start to use Pinterest company launched “sponsors pushpin” advertising products, it will also consider bursts.

in addition, a 16 people team is formed on the fly, is planning to recruit a mobile and web developers to keep up with market development

next year, the company may be thinking after the wedding.

“we develop WedPics because we think a deal with the application of general events are likely to succeed, but we decided to start from the wedding” miller said. But he says they are seriously study the application of the second generation product in 2015. “We are still in the concrete to discuss some details of the application.”

so, how would it look? Let’s look forward to the birth of it.


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