Let go of that apple, AppleWatch are interesting interaction time

hunting cloud network on September 12 (word/water Yan)

yesterday, the mighty apple product launch was finally opened. Apple once meet the user’s wish: two screen mobile phone, experience excellent fingerprint payment, Apple Watch.

then, apple has suffered the same question as the first release, cook harvest than the iphone 5 launch when turned over several times the bristle.

the tech world collective hands folded in prayer: “Joe great god! You are quick to open their eyes to see! You are quick to indicate the direction to the human large! You are god almighty!” Apple shares fell.

jobs resurrection? Jobs will convince people with elegant, motivational language: AppleWatch is big upset!

today hunting in the role of cloud network to say is: AppleWatch. AppleWatch really upset!

about AppleWatch fun

the long-awaited AppleWatch introduced finally, under the guidance of the cook, don’t accidentally received a variety of criticism and ridicule. Such as:


don’t fashion fashion at all.

ugly like this or apple products?

rotate button force moment into Tony, brain damage.

jobs, you keep him only!

a small broken screen unexpectedly high also want great app store?

without Steve jobs of apple, it is not so stupid! Just mediocre.

apple is only responsible for take money!

but AppleWatch really so bad? This let xiao yun thought of the iPhone, iPod, apple has just launched comments.

in cloud network editor jun see hunting, AppleWatch still upset, although to fashion, appearance design, but rely on new interactive hardware, the design, the fluent close operation experience, AppleWatch will show a different kind of intelligence for you watch!

smart watch needs a new interactive mode, AppleWatch has reached

for smart watches, too small makes the capacitive touch screen on the big screen cannot give full play to its force, the simple capacitive touch screen is unable to bring good experience for the user. The hunters cloud network in intelligent watch topic has carried on the detailed analysis, interested readers can walk,,,.

in many people’s vision of a smart watch all the sense of interaction, AppleWatch didn’t do it, but apple has to own smart watches joined the perceived stress experience of touch screen, good multifunction button . These two seemingly insignificant control mode, on the small screen devices can reflect its advantage more, will bring infinite possibility to AppleWatch

stress measuring screen if on a larger screen, complex operation increase user learning difficulty, said can’t give more equal to waste. And obviously on the small screen devices more simple and easy to use, can dig more unique features.

watch intelligent multi-function knob operation has brought more pattern, fill a vacancy on the small screen devices in gestures, but also can be combined with a touch screen for a variety of experiences of gestures. For larger screen such basic cannot use a button.

some people say that apple lying, AppleWatch clearly is put in the mobile application deformation, will watch when mobile phone use, the difference between the confusion of smart watches and smart phones. But what should be a smart watch function?

what is smart watch for?

because of the limitation of small screen smart watches not good on a small screen display the same content as the smartphone. But we can call functions, transition animation will display the contents of a single express more information , from the current AppleWatch related video, we can see that apple is doing this!

“dense phobia” scroll desktop application, the interface between the “crawling rolling” show, GIF type the content of the show, apple, as always, grace.

let’s think again, combined with the pressure screen, multifunction button and combination of sexy gestures , AppleWatch can show us how many other devices cannot realize the sexy content?

previous smartphone brings us is the experience of “immersion”, apple smart watches bring us now is a “sexy body language” , notice that I didn’t say “body language”, body language contains a body language.

smart watches tends to grow on you on my body, is another brain — a wrist brain, access to information when our attention on the arm is raised, physical operation, then is the information. Notice I didn’t say “finger”, in the concrete operation of people because of various reasons such as gloves, many operating time is not with your fingers.

at this moment, enjoy finished his elegant beautiful body, your reaction come over: the original is to enjoy the watch in dynamic information.

smartphones and operation intelligent watch is completely different, one is reading and the other one is in the dance , is watching his own fashion. Most people want to have their own narcissistic space.

smart watches are tried all ways to make your body language has the connotation, sexy, so smart should watch with the app store is a false dichotomy. Here, xiao yun also didn’t mention the AppleWatch powerful health monitoring, collaboration with other equipment. Utility is not practical? Fun not funny?

smart watch funny interactive age

how well small screen display content? A hard small screens are not the content of the domestic smartphone information display good! so small screen can’t competition and screen display quantity, only with bigger than convenient access to information, information of delicate, access to information gesture from simple convenient to fun and sexy!

this is the focus of smart watches: information to interact, combined with information showing interest. more delicate, interesting content is no subversion? which happens to be a smart watches are good at, not suitable for displaying a single content. Small screen, there must be more suitable for the application of it.

apple clearly understands this, from the built-in IOS8 called iMessage — application level of function expanded into WeChat, into the heart of social, from physical interaction into the information produced by direct interaction.

the apple official show knead face application of dynamic drawing is the embodiment of the communication function is a interesting interaction. Can say Tom cat perfect for this type of application for smart watches. We think again qq or Line expression map how big is the market?

in the past, people from the layout of the site content, and then developed the excellent graphic layout design, allows the user to read more easily. Then apple introduced a gesture, make the information more sexy.

it is the access to information more interesting and fun time! smart watches every application design, is the time to game style design . Every smart watch application of the user, like a tamagotchi, a pet!

in the smart watch this light experience products, information can’t is a serious matter , all information can be through your hand operation, pondering, become a unique random with you the content of the brand connotation. Then let the random spread around different social, coupling. Social, this is a game of life. Through smart watch makes the game fun.

smartphones interaction on the touch screen only, and the interaction of intelligent watch follow one’s inclinations, everywhere, and greatly improves the efficiency. This is a great subversive.

smart watches may seize the user requirement is: narcissism. while AppleWatch is catch the best and most accurate.

smart watches tagline should perhaps, you never know how beautiful your body, until you put on a smart watch.

we don’t take jobs to speak again, Joe master though has died, but apple is not jobs a person’s credit, this is the result of the whole apple all geniuses. Apple has genius and one of the world’s most advanced technology of the industrial chain, innovation ability, no doubt. Just now to the future not sure like Steve jobs, apple can’t speak it up, have some trial and error behavior.

the role of past jobs may be sincere tell you: believe me. Then believe he found experienced, so more and more people believe or trust him.

maybe god is that people are willing to believe him! So people are willing to create a variety of god, under the guise of the mouth of god to let others think you are right. And nothing more.

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