Lesson #. Ly, the enterprise staff training online custom service platform

is committed to provide startup and new training tools released announcement said it received by Allos Ventures led a $1.1 million investment. Companies say they are “first get all three ExactTarget co-founder investment company”. ExcatTarget as Lesson #. Ly, is a company in the Midwest, in 2013 by the Saleforce acquisition.

in Lesson # 2013. Ly won a smaller seed financing, the company refused to disclose more information on this round of funding. But the company admitted that the current round has been oversubscribed: company originally planned through the financing for $1 million, the results gained 10% more money.

Lesson #. Ly the target group is mainly corporate users. Always because the couple couple of corporate training activities of the enterprise has to understand or enterprise the pressing demand for more workers and become very tricky, Lesson #. Ly provided their solution: the concept of adhering to the service or training, company provides the training mode on Internet.

customers can design their courses in order to adapt to different employees, and can be through the Lesson #. Ly platform in real time to follow up the progress of the employees, compared with the traditional training, obviously this way at low manpower cost and high effectiveness of the received extensive attention.

the company plans to use the money to strengthen marketing, public relations, efforts in the direction of product development and team building.

in 2013, we focused on Lesson #. Ly, then this is composed of three employees of the company profit growth at an alarming rate. Considering the company has just started operation at the time, the data did not produce special daydream. Today’s Lesson # ly has 10 employees, they plan to extend their employees at the end of the year to 12 people, and at the end of 2015 has a team of 24 people.

the company founder and CEO, said Max Yoder. Lesson # ly revenue growth of 850% this year, he believed that the company annual income will grow by 300% in 2015.

Yoder said in an interview. Lesson # ly rely on similar Stripe and Lyft such businesses as their customer base. A reporter continue to put forward about the Lesson #. Ly is dependent on a specific customer doubt, Yoder said: not a single customer provides more than 10% of the revenue for the company.

as the silicon valley companies of the Midwest, Lesson #. Ly when to sell his products in silicon valley is particularly outstanding. Have questions about the Midwest business prospects, Yoder enumerate several response to the crisis, at the same time, he claimed that “angel investment was the most prosperous, Chicago and Ohio’s capital company is becoming more and more attention to the Midwest.”

training is not a new technology the most selling point application direction, but growth is a young company can show the most attractive factors. Lesson #. Ly whether can realize its growth forecast for 2015?


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