Leo ‘s Pad push open platform, do parents pocket of preschool teachers’

parents favorite word is “don’t let children lose on the starting line.” This concept reflects the parents eager and attention to the child’s education. For these anxious parents Kidaptive is the Gospel. Parents worry to education of children, can be used to help you according to their aptitude.

in 2012, P.J. Gunsagar and Dylan Arena together build Kidaptive company and has released the first paragraph of the app – Leo ‘s Pad. The leading role of this app is Leo, a live in the tree house young inventor in the lab, which contains according to the animated adaptation of many mini games. It downloaded more than 800000, application of keep in five star rating. Is a popular with children and their parents.

of course, behind the successful application has a powerful technical support: using the latest research achievements in the development of psychology a tool, it is to use this app child’s cognitive stages were analyzed, and then adjust the difficulty of the application. At the same time it also toys, when in use, can collect a lot of feedback data.

now Gunsagar and Arena are going to use these data to develop a useful new applications for parents – Learner of Mosaic. It inherited the data of the Leo ‘s Pad, and through the way of easy game (or table) to education of children, is it important to know the various stages of education of the children how to be. These activities are often easily, parents don’t have to worry about have no time to play with the children. Gunsagar’s goal is to turn it into a pocket of parents of preschool teachers.

a new children’s application

Gunsagar met Arena in 2011, when they are engaged in work related to the children. Gunsagar owns a company, like Planes and Tinkerbell children’s film production. The Arena at Stanford university read Dr. (game) and its effect on learning. After they met Gunsagar began to take the time to understand the knowledge of the Arena and the development of the in the mind to learn, and soon recognize that haven’t company to use these knowledge.

Leo and friends. Kidaptive

before Gunsagar only teach their children to ABC and 123, but understanding the Stanford towards skills (such as self-control and cognitive flexibility) after the method of education, he began to pay attention to the comprehensive education of the children.

Leo ‘s Pad is focus on a variety of skills education, to teach children painting or arithmetic; Can also design for training skills through games to improve children’s skills such as classification, the symbolic representation and rotation. The core of these games is “adaptive learning (learners found in the study summary, your final independent the study way) to solve the problem”, it can be adjusted according to children’s performance in the learning process the focus of the game. If your child is very good at arithmetic, the game will introduce some more advanced math concepts, such as group and base. The “adaptive learning” concept make applications according to their aptitude, for teaching.

P.J. Gunsagar and Dylan Arena Kidaptive

parents light assistant

this app is designed to let the children in the activities to consolidate what they have learned knowledge. The design consultant Frog participation and investment – FrogVentures Kidaptive training plan. In talking to parents, the Frog’s entrepreneurial design leader Ethan Imboden noticed a subtle balance of demand: parents generally means absolutely willing to accompany children, unfortunately most of them don’t have time.

new applications by Leo ‘s first Pad data in the understanding of children’s cognitive process, and gives the corresponding activities (including games, activities, or simple topic discussion), many of which are designed by experts or master’s level of preschool teachers. That is to say if your daughter Jessica finished Leo ‘s game Pad for the homemade design, then the Learner Mosaic will recommend her for a kind of call “adventure” can detect many kinds of ability. Can spread a blanket on the floor and then you tell Jessica said it is a river, and then let her to jump into a river, let her out, repeat, and then suddenly you changed your instruction to see if she could keep up. Scholars explained that this game is to delay the children meet.

A Learner Mosaic card. Kidaptive

activity purpose is to consolidate the children learn skills in the application of the game. Scientists Kidaptive Arena explained: “in the context of a specific learning can let the child will learn effective knowledge into their own capabilities, parents teach children knowledge, all hope that they can independently use the knowledge.” The more children to participate in this discipline control of the game, the higher their knowledge into ability.

establish learning platform

Gunsagar and Arena hope Learner Mosaic can evolve into a platform, it can be to get the data from other activity or third-party applications. So, in the near future there will be a to game provides the data of application – when children play games application, it will automatically provide data for these applications, find age-appropriate games for children.

Gunsagar says these study data will be a powerful tool, is also a kind of new mode of education. Will the children’s performance in new applications compared with the data in the original Leo ‘s Pad, Kidaptive platform how can distinguish the effect of a new application.

Gunsagar pointed out that the application platform to improve the market mechanism. “Parents and schools will buy hardware, but they do not know the effect of the hardware. In the identification of with this platform, they can find useful hardware.” Kidaptive goal for learning application market of gatekeeper, growing their own data as well as parents to identify the value of new applications. Applications are now adults, isn’t it?”


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