Lenovo’s purchase of blackberry gossip to see giant play silent dividends

hunting cloud network on October 30 (text/teng tree g)

recently, with the blackberry’s annual flagship Passport was cheered and blockbuster, unconsciously anecdotal and heat transfer on the domestic giant lenovo company purchase the blackberry message.

one side is the world’s largest PC maker, lenovo lenovo group, China just recovery is expected to be established on the blackberry smartphone makers – Canada company, wipe out the spark between them is enough to cause attention of the x industry.

each folk version should have detailed as evidence of the news: “securities trading information web site, Benzinga.com quoted a person familiar with the news that lenovo issued to the blackberry for $15 a share (us $92 yuan) bid.” At a time when the blackberry company’s stock market value is accompanied by a savior flagship Passport shipments, from the previous 6 dollar to $8 to 10.

in the current Passport local batch is out of stock due to lack of capacity under the premise of lenovo’s acquisition scheme in the acquisition of merger and acquisition of expert eyes, on both sides is compared to the right.

but the stare big eyes reporters to come is still a noncommittal on both sides of silence. Despite the news from such acquisition is not the first time, but this time the deal is quite mature, the timing is very promising, for the vc the experts, simply nailing on the clapper talk. However, this particular acosmia feeling silence a few really mean?

with this question we up first suspected of people on both sides of the deal, how about each have contact finance background.

a, silent background:

as early as 2004, see the IBM PC business has gradually decline decisively abandoned their own personal PC business, while lenovo’s $1.25 billion acquisition of the project. In the first five years after the acquisition, lenovo can use the IBM logo, and at the beginning of the sixth year, in 2009, lenovo only retain the ThinkPad logo.

for this feat was once thought to domestic companies behavior for IBM official called “historic alliance” of the dependency relationship, that is now just as IBM lenovo PC business solutions provider.

so now lenovo group not only inherited the IBM ThinkPad conveys the glory, also took over IBM’s PC business foresee low-margin embarrassed situation.

lenovo group is one of the breakthrough of needed to hold intelligent terminal development, after the joint together to push Chinese lessons of failure after China mobile, although the association with several operating shop goods machine sea tactics to rise to the domestic mobile phone to the second seed, Sir, but the main mid-range always unable to repeal.

so in “foreign monks to chant buddhist scripture” psychological, driven by lenovo group from Google’s acquisition of mobile phone giant former Motorola mobile communication becomes quite natural. And it is worth mentioning as early as in earlier in the year prior to the release of acquisition, lenovo group Yang yuanqing on the embattled blackberry and HTC had thrown the olive branch.

in fact, since last year in 2013 whiffs of lenovo is interested in buying blackberry has been constantly. In October 2013, is the news, lenovo group had considered the blackberry company bid, and also reviewed the blackberry after signing agreement of the company’s financial data.

but in the end, lenovo group is not a formal bid. At the same time, lenovo acquisition of another international mobile phone giant MOTOROLA mobility, acquisition is expected this year to complete.

the other side of the trading company blackberry at apple and samsung of two camps represented a major market share dropped competition pressure, in addition to the layoffs, sell their news is always. Under the acquisition time mentioned in paragraph on did not clinch a deal, lenovo group CFO wei-ming huang said, because the company is considering potential deals, with blackberry company by blackberry was one of its shareholders, Canada’s Financial holding companies Fairfax Financial “grab” by a consortium led by purchase.

and sportive, Fairfax Financial, after the acquisition of the blackberry, also expressed the direction of the future is to continue to sell the company. More banter is final bid up to $4.7 billion in Fairfax Financial consortium was eventually blackberry company euphemism refused at the end of the year.

2, the silence of the dividend

book connected, we mentioned the Fairfax Financial, business and entanglement between lenovo group and blackberry company, eventually the bedding brings us is the blackberry company in recent years not only from “endangered” by inside and outside, and finally with a landmark Passport but finally showing recovery.

on the other hand we have to calculate.

consultancy Rational B, chief analyst at picture points out, according to media reports, lenovo is given the first round of the blackberry was quoted at $15 A share, the final price will increase to $18. By the author, writing the blackberry offer 9. $49, 49. The total market value of $3.5 billion. if the calculated at $18, lenovo’s acquisition price premium for one times or so.

similar things have happened in the previous Fairfax Financial group before and after the fanfare and blackberry signed a memorandum of understanding. But given the Fairfax Financial group is one of the controlling of the blackberry, we have reason to believe that the so-called dividend is speculation has proved effective.

the lenovo group and blackberry have been fudged silence is also a bonus, because silence is also a kind of hype. We also no accident encountered the silence the size of the bonus.

that is, both the visibility and credibility of the company, is a venture capitalists euphemistic advertising effect. Until I went to press, the famous search engines such as baidu, sogou, yahoo and Google are the “lenovo’s purchase of the blackberry” Push placed at the top, and the two companies related attention are also greatly increased clearly.

three, acquisition prospects

attention to into purchasing power is the need to three-dimensional marketing strategy, is responsible for the acquisition of the silence of the dividend will not be prolonged.

at present only a few of the personage inside course of study, think to buy still needs time to ferment. Though the supporters think, lenovo has profound internationalization operation ability, and from IBM to MOTO, overseas m&a is quite experienced.

in particular, a week ago, lenovo group has just announced the formation of a new subsidiary, call it will be based entirely on the Internet platform to build China’s leading Internet the intelligent terminal and service business model, and officially began operations on April 1, 2015. But the opposition seems to be more justified.

critics pointed out that the acquisition of IBM PC business profit space is limited, the MOTOROLA is still at a loss even Google hasn’t save her, and then the lenovo group now on his own, resources integration in the struggle, snake swallow like again also does not have the strength, I’m afraid.

this point have finance experts said – “earlier this year, in addition, lenovo has spent $2.9 billion purchase of MOTOROLA’s mobile communication. According to its financial statements, according to the company’s cash flow is largely from bank loans and the issuance of bonds.” Now picture that MOTOROLA part haven’t finish digest, again want to such a high premium for blackberry, is not a simple thing to do.

and blackberry with Passport power and acquire hype voices have signs back to life, the next step will be planned r&d heptagon mobile phones is gaining momentum, at most is to be acquired and arms wait-and-see attitude. For shares and exactly which son in law by adoption, and even whether to sell, also believe that at this moment the blackberry all don’t know what do you want to be his own decision.

4, the bottom of the acquisition of assets

this paragraph is too professional, we direct reference foreign media official assessment. The following is the financial website Quartz writer Christopher mihm, (Christopher Mims) in summary the analysts of the various business of the blackberry’s valuation:

(1) 1.2 billion: BlackBerry users can free use instant messaging applications BlackBerry Messenger (hereinafter referred to as the “BBM”, the service is rolling out corresponding IOS and Android version) and “Enterprise architecture” (Enterprise proceeds) service worth about $1.2 billion. For a service can be used to send text messages, only such valuations seems a little high. But, reports have pointed out that the same offer a similar service WhatsApp earlier this year with Google (weibo) takeover talks the price to $1 billion, and the employees of the company only 45 people, but its function than BBM is better, and apply to almost all smartphone platform, including the blackberry.

however, blackberry’s BBM service who was famous for its high security, thus the governments of many countries are using this system to send some sensitive information. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

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